Korean tech startup Jjalkey offers airdrop messenger app Veam to connect with strangers easily

Spotted a stranger across the restaurant and see the possibility of a great connection? But since they are a stranger, you don’t know how to make that connection which can be frustrating. A tech startup just made your life easier by helping you connect with a stranger through messenger Airdrop. Veam by Korean tech startup Jjalkey now lets you strike a fun conversation with a stranger. What’s even better is that it allows you to search for images, photo-markup or text inside the app itself and also create a chatroom once the recipient of the AirDrop message accepts, giving you a chance to talk to that person afterward.

Solving a number of issues

With a regular airdrop, the challenges can vary from establishing a connection every time the user wants to send a message, moving out of range and the hassle of jumping between apps such as photos, safari, etc., to send images or text.  With Veam, the airdrop facility via Messenger solves all the obstacles so you may connect with that interesting stranger and explore the possibilities that might happen, be it dating or even love!

Veam’s unique advantages 

Seoul-based Veam has the largest user-generated database of memes (Giphy of Korea) which makes texting a whole lot of fun. The company is currently planning its features and wireframes and plans to launch its app in November. It is also the first app to wrap chatroom invite links disguised as memes. The company is beta testing its app on the Gen Z to understand what the user is looking for. Its revenue model is similar to the successful model of promotional drops where tickets, coupons, etc., are airdropped to the user.

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