Korean startup Cookie Languages promises to make English-learning an exciting process

Cookie Languages aims to make learning English fun.

Korean startup Cookie Languages is making learning English a fun and exciting process with its app FanE, where the users get to interact with movie stars and even have ‘dates’ with native speakers.

Cookie Languages (CL) has been founded by a filmmaker and IT specialist with the aim to be the first language learning service that enables users to have virtual video conversations with native speakers.

Talk with native speakers, navigate scenarios

The startup has procured licenses for 5000 plus Hollywood movies for the e-learning purpose. They are utilizing the movies for interactive talks. All the videos produced by Cookie Languages are VR compatible. This makes it possible for the user to have a real feel of interaction with native speakers. The app offers different stories and scenarios for the user, who can feel like they’re on a real ‘date’ with the VR character and learn English.

The startup has a strong founding team with Sang Choi at its helm. Sang Choi has been in the IT business for 15 years and is also a film director who has worked in Hollywood. The CTO, Sevastien, is the world-leading voice algorithm specialist and Aaron is a certified English tutor.

Accolades and expansions

The fun app recently won the AI startup China finals held by iFLYTEK, China’s largest AI-specialized company. The competition, which took place in Beijing on March 21, was held through pitching, demonstration, and in-depth interviews. CL’s FanE was named the winner Top 3 for its skill and creativity. With the award, CL will receive investment and technical support from iFLYTEK Incubation.

The startup’s Fan E app is in its beta version mode and only available in Korea, but the company wants to include more languages and expand. Cookie Languages’ team envisages that the final product will include Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish language versions for all users to learn English in the unique interactive way.

Besides bringing in more languages for the app, the company also has plans to produce kid contents. The startup has made trials at kindergartens in Seoul with their kid content and has got a good response.

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February 14,2020

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