N-Finders Co., Ltd: The Korean startup advancing in the regenerative medicine field

In regenerative medicine, Korean startup N-Finders Co., Ltd is making its presence stronger with its flagship product line of facial lifting thread. The startup has its regenerative medicine brand “RE:” with a collection that includes RE: PRP, RE: PDO Thread and Ozein Peel(O₃) which received the world’s first patent.

Products to help in cell regeneration

N-Finders brand ‘RE’ has been derived from the word regenerative and true to its meaning, the company has developed products for cell regeneration that helps in skincare. The company, founded in 2012, has been known for its product “RE: Thread”, that uses PDO polydioxanone for cell regeneration. N-Finders’ product is inserted in the skin where collagen is generated around the inserted area. Also, there are micro barbs on the thread, so the product can hold and fix the tissue physically. The product is made out of absorbable suture material and will be absorbed within 6 months and excreted in urine and CO2 completely. The RE: Thread product comes with variations in forms of shapes and sizes.  The product’s effectiveness proved sensational even in the diet market and it has been applied to many parts such as skin wrinkle care, rhinoplasty, abdominal, side, forearm and calf fat.

N-Finders’ other products include PRP, that is ‘platelet-rich plasma’, which is conducted by extracting the blood of the patient, separating blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma via centrifugation. Then, growth factors filled with platelets are chosen and these concentrated platelets and blood plasma are to be injected in a particular part.  PRP helps to regenerate damaged tissue by activating the natural healing process in the human body and is also used for the reduction of pain and inflammation and chronic ligament and muscle problems. It is a simple and fast treatment widely used as recovery treatment for injured athletes as its regeneration speed is 2~3 times faster than other general ones. N-Finders also has skin diagnostic equipment, ‘F-RAY’, that is applicable to existing cosmetic surgeries by supporting the diagnosis and confirmation of results that easily and apparently meets both clinics and patients’ needs.

 Vision to support for the treatment of incurable diseases

N-Finders’ vision is to help in fundamentally treating incurable diseases and pain with various kinds of research based on the existing regenerative medicine and medical technology. N-Finders intents to develop and produce products to integrate into many parts of the human body by developing technology which regenerates biopsy tissue. N- Finders Co., Ltd. has exported its RE: Thread product to 22 countries around the world and has received attention from world-famous medical institutions and doctors to learn about research results and medical procedures. The startup is now looking for a potential market in Indonesia. N-Finders will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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