Three startups that can help you find a suitable job or internship in South Korea.

Having a job that matches all your ‘must have’ criteria – satisfaction, salary and successful opportunities for growth – is quite a difficult task wherever in the world you live. In South Korea, the job market is wide and many opportunities may suit a job seeker’s criteria, but where and how do you find it? Also, for employers, there are thousands of talented people, but how do you connect with those who meet the needs of the company? There are startups in South Korea which are helping job seekers and job providers connect, give helpful information for business networking and career enhancement. It might be just easier to log on to the following career-websites to get information about jobs, companies and work culture.

1) Wanted Lab Wanted Lab is a referral recruiting platform that works on the philosophy of referrals and rewards. The platform allows anyone to refer a candidate in their field of expertise and receive compensation if the candidate gets hired. Wanted brings the still-offline headhunting industry online, giving users a referral bonus for connecting their friends with well-matched jobs. Wanted was founded in 2015 and has been doing well in Japan with its brand ReferMe launched last April. The startup claims its monthly revenue has grown 256% since 2015. Wanted Lab says that it has a corporate client base of over 1,700 companies based in Korea and Japan including Facebook, Uber, eBay, and Softbank. The startup had an investment of 10 billion won or $9.4 million investment last year and is gearing to expand to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

2) Rocket Punch With over 40,000 companies, over 45,000 jobs and over 150,000 user profiles, Rocket Punch can easily be termed as the biggest Korean startup recruiting platform. The platform enables professionals from diverse fields to easily find business-related information and ultimately grow their career. Startup career opportunities are presented in a very organized way on the platform.  Job seekers can search startups based on industry, roles, skills, and even desired salary. Similarly, employers can also tailor their job postings based on the same search criteria.

3) JobPlanet JobPlanet is more like ‘Glassdoor’ of the US. JobPlanet provides job seekers with crowdsourced information about the welfare, culture, strengths, and weaknesses of potential employers, along with information about available job opportunities. The platform lets users anonymously review information on the company’s pros and cons, company ratings, salary data, and interview information.  The platform covers over 50% of registered companies in South Korea. JobPlanet had raised about $10 million from venture capitalists within a year of its establishment in 2014.

Informative platform Jobplanet revolutionising the traditional job seeker’s market in Korea

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