Create real bonds with Virtual World Characters with EVR Studio’s Project M

EVR Studio VR adventure game ‘Project M’ is all about a cinematic narrative with digital AI characters.

Korean startup, EVR Studio, is making Virtual Reality content more immersive and attractive for the user through real-life type interactive characters. The startup’s VR adventure game ‘Project M’ (a work in progress) is all about a cinematic narrative with digital AI characters.

“We want to create a world where people can emotionally connect with digital AI characters and feel comforted by digital AI characters.” – Team EVR Studio

In the world of VR games, EVR Studio stands out for creating highly detailed and defined characters.  The startup’s VR adventure game, ‘Project M (working title)’, was first introduced to the public by Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, as “best human character in VR” during his keynote speech at the Seoul Unreal Summit 2016.

EVR Studio has released two short titles that take place within the Project M world. This includes Project M: Dream, originally released in 2016 and Project M: Daydream, a short VR experience that allows players to interact with a digital friend, go skydiving and hang out at the beach in daydreams. In June 2018, the company announced about introducing its two new heroines from the upcoming Project M world.

Working Hard to Create a ‘Realistic Dream World’

To create virtual worlds where various real-life experiences meet endless imagination, EVR studio has professionals from game development, Hollywood VFX graphics, engineering, fashion, writing, and photography. The startup’s projects showcase remarkable creative work with the lifelike digital characters and cinematic narrative. The studio’s VR experiences establish a connection for the user with the digital characters as the virtual story unfolds. It is a nice VR avenue for non-gamers as well.

EVR Studio has got initial funding from Altos Ventures and Kakao Ventures (K-Cube Ventures earlier) in 2016. The startup has used the investment to develop most fascinating of digital characters and VR world story narrations. The company wants to release more of Project M world experiences for users in the future.

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February 14,2020

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