Backend: Korean startup’s special server for game developers

Backend game server helps game developers work smoothly.

The gaming world is evolving like never before and developers require many tools to create day by day. Each game gets over 10 million downloads and there is a need for server deployment. But not all developers can afford the cost and make profits. Korean startup AFI Inc. has developed a unique server specially for game developers named ‘Backend’. The startup aims to enrich the world of gaming with the server service for developers. The startup aims to enrich the world of gaming with a server service for developers. Backend is a server service where the game developers can simply attach the SDK at the end of the game to create a game server. It dramatically reduces the cost of tens of millions of dollars for server developers and months of server development time.

A simple but useful service for gamers

AFI Inc., the company behind Backend, was started in 2013 and over the years, the company has developed advanced features for game developers. Backend offers two services – Backend Base & Backend Chat. The Backend Base is an asynchronous server that can simply attach SDK and use it without developing a separate server. It provides all 23 server functions including announcements, push, coupons, receipt verification, charts, guilds, mail, probability, etc. Backend Chat feature helps with game retention with premium chat functions such as guild chat, customizable non-slang filtering, anti-doping, user reporting, as well as console.

Specialized in Mobile Gaming service

The Backend server makes it easy to use a mobile game server without development costs and expertise. The game account information on Backend is preserved even if the user changes the device or erases game applications. The Backend also manages the game’s sales history at the console to ensure that it is properly compensated for development. Since logs are managed, the game player can issue like payment failure.

If a user breaks the game policy or attempts to hack, the user can easily stop or block the game at the Backend console. If traffic is suddenly overloaded, the server automatically scales to provide the optimal infrastructure within five minutes. The Backend server also has features like ranking, user management, announcements, push, log management, coupons, social logins, etc. Backend is proving to be a cost-effective option for game developers, who can use the server service and have control over its user base.

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February 14,2020

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