Learning digitally made fun with MOBLO

In today’s times children are learning a lot through variety of digital content using computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Motion Blue, a company from S. Korea, is creating a better digital world for children with focus on learning with fun, with its product MOBLO.

Learning with digital blocks

MOBLO has developed interesting content targeted at children by utilising the conventional idea of ‘Blocks’. Every child has at least once in their lifetime played with gaming blocks, building new things and learning at the same time. MOBLO has used the same ‘Blocks’ concept and transformed the idea into the digital world. This digital blocks interact in a three dimensional way through mobile apps, making it an interesting and stimulating experience for children.

MOBLO, which goes by Mobile + block, utilises strengths of both mobile

and block game, to create a fun learning experience.

MOBLO offers unique educational content that helps stimulate creativity and problem solving abilities in children. The content is mainly created for children from age 4 to 11.

MOBLO presents digital content with the analogue sensitivity. The shapes that are build in analogue blocks appear in 3D on the mobile screen.  MOBLO allows user to light up the blocks, move figures and interact with the digital universe. The content of MOBLO includes a digital smart board where blocks can be connected. The smart board recognises when a child moves, or removes blocks with help of the NFC tags that come with it.

Till 2018 the company has created over 40 apps with different and colourful storylines with multiple-levels and questions. The apps have content, which is educational and fun at the same time. It keeps the child’s mind focussed on the playing part and at the same time increasing the knowledge base.

The children learn about technology along with music, new language,

reasoning, maths, etc. through the interactive toy.

Motion Blue has been in the development and distribution of digital content since 2002. With the advent of the Ed-tech market in S. Korea and world over, the company conceived the interface, which can provide children with a digital experience.

Motion Blue started with providing content to Government affiliated educational institute in 2015 and was mainly a B2G company. In 2016 Motion Blue entered the B2C Market through partnership with Samsung. Now they are to enter the B2C market and overseas market with collaboration with China’s educational institution.

The company expects a sale of $1.5 million by end of 2018 and estimates its revenue growth to $28 million by 2021, which is quite promising.

With its smart educational tool – MOBLO, the company can sure become a revolutionary platform developer in the Ed-tech market. MOBLO is a unique interactive tool, which helps a child explore the digital world with fun and learning.

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