Korean art-blockchain project ARTBLOC introduces the world’s first fractionalized ownership sale of David Hockney

The phenomena surrounding the renowned English artist has been ongoing. From documentaries to movies to having a total of 350K visitors attending his exhibition— South Korea’s enthusiasm for David Hockney is at its peak. This upcoming September, the Art Blockchain project, ARTBLOC is hosting a special event introducing its latest artwork to the public. It’ll be held at LOUNGE’X, a café with the state-of-the-art robot barista, located inside of the Gangnam N Tower on September 19th. This event is the most original in selling the world’s first fractionalized ownership of David Hockney’s artwork.

The sale of a fractionalized ownership in an artwork is a method of selling possession by dividing 1/n titles per piece. It’s a progressive way to greatly reduce the burden of existing problems regarding art investments since one does not need to tangibly obtain an artwork, yet gain profit just as so. ARTBLOC has eased the process for anyone to start investing in artworks that is often daunting through this split-sale method.

At “Hockney Night with ARTBLOC”, which is also the company’s launch party, art enthusiasts can check out David Hockney’s work that has never been exhibited in Korea before. With its introduction provided by a professional curator as well as a live painting event and DJing, it’ll be available to be purchased fractionally after viewing.

The company’s CEO, Kim Hyung Jun hopes that “through this event, a fresh perspective will be presented regarding the Fine Arts”. It is highly recommended that a wide range of people interested in the Arts and investment trends attend the event.”

Known as “the most expensive artist in the world,” David Hockney’s artwork will be available to be purchased in a fractionalized ownership method. Join ARTBLOC on September 19th, 7:30PM at Gangnam LOUNGE’X.

Korean startup launches blockchain-based artwork trade platform – ARTBLOC Hub  

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February 14,2020

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