Wiseapp- Measure your App’s success in the market

WiseApp provides data on user behavioural pattern for apps.

In this plethora world of mobile and web apps, how to know which one is working the best? S. Korean company’s Wiseapp, a free service is what can help users and the app developers here. It provides market data and user behaviour analysis for app businesses.

‘Wiseapp’ is a service that helps users understand the position of their app in the market, as well as the status of apps they are competing against or interested in.

The company Ideaware Inc, which operates the Wiseapp, is a professional data analysis company providing services to top domestic and overseas companies

Wiseapp provides information based on its own data analysis, which is independent of any specific company or service. Wiseapp shows statistical estimation of the usage patterns of smartphone users through a sample survey. The company analyses obtained from panel smartphones based on demographic distribution (sex, age, area), smartphone usage rate and smartphone OS market share of different age groups in Korea for people over 10 years old.

The main page of Wiseapp.

As per the company their unique technological advantage is that they have experience of analysing large scale wireless internet traffic for Asian mobile communication companies for many years.  The company has built an automated information collection system relying 100% on mobile apps that do not discriminate between countries or terminal OSs, thereby minimizing data production costs and providing them to customers at low prices.

The visitors can see features like an overall app market dashboard, weekly TOP100app usage ranking, Android and iOS market rankings in 11 countries.

There is an option to be a paid subscriber for Wiseapp, and get detailed usage information of Korean apps.  Currently, in Korea, ‘Wiseapp’ is recognized as one of top two app analysis services along with ‘AppAnnie’. In 2018, the company seeks to maximize the acquisition of small and medium-sized business customers.

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