What’s in the box: Korean startup’s innovative ‘Ojo Blind’ app for cosmetics product   

In the world of cosmetics for women, there is a plethora of supply to choose from. In such a scenario, what is the best product suitable to an individual’s skin, hair, etc, can be difficult to estimate. Clean Green, the Korean cosmetic startup, is coming up with a unique beauty app – Ojo Blind targeted at young women. The app is more of a ‘Blind Test’ for cosmetics where women are given free samples of six products and then they vote the best suited to them using the app and eventually purchase the product.

How does the ‘Blind app’ work?  

The Ojo Blind app works in a quite simple way – where first the user has to order for their free samples. They receive a fancy looking booklet style package, which contains six different cosmetic products, whose brands are hidden. The user can use the products, compare them and then send reports to the app. The real information about the reviewed products is then revealed to the consumer. The consumer can then compare prices and quality and make the purchase.

Marketing plans & Future aims

Clean Green has charted a marketing plan for the Ojo Blind app where the startup will use social media sites, influencers, content creators. For the supply of the range of cosmetics, the company wants to partner with leading cosmetic companies like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Beyond, Lacvert, etc. Ojo Blind has already been introduced to over 1,90,000 customers and the company has conducted surveys with over 1400 people regarding the service. The cosmetics market in S. Korea currently is over $63 million and with Ojo Blind app, the startup aims to capture a big chunk of the market.

The company Clean Green, is already into producing its cosmetics brand – Ur Ain, which has entered the global market. Founded in 2014, the startup has been awarded for innovation like the  “the Innovative prize” in CCEI,
given by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in Korea. With Ojo Blind App, the startup aims to bring in more innovation to the cosmetic market world. Besides Korea, the company wants to enter other Asian markets in the future with Ojo Blind.

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