VTouch:  The World at your Fingertip!

VTouch's technology allows user to control devices in their home without actually physically touching them.

Wont it be amazing if all appliances in your home can operate with just a simple gesture of your finger? Seoul based start-up VTouch has done exactly that for you – develop a technology, which with use of set-top 3D motion sensors, allows to control appliances in your home by using just the finger. The technology by VTouch can convert your humble home to a smart home as you can control household lights, stereos, thermostats, TV etc with mere a finger gesture.

A simple touch to start many systems

VTouch basically allows people to control devices without actually physically touching them by tracking the user’s eyes and fingers with a 3D camera. VTouch system calculates where the user is exactly pointing at with its tracking system and allows them to operate any appliances. User sitting several meters away from the TV screen can simply point at a circle on the display and then swipe, point, scroll through the menu options on the system, using just a finger. Users can go beyond the TV screens as well, by connecting the technology with the stereo of a music system or the lamp in the corner of the room or the air conditioner on the wall.

There are existing gesture controllers already available in the market, but speciality of VTouch is that they don’t require any sort of cursor on the screen.

User can directly select and control what they see

just like touching smartphones.

VTouch also offers controls for devices inside your car, which means you don’t have to look away from the road to switch on your music system. You can simply point a finger to switch on your audio system or your navigation software.

VTouch in Public Places

In this fast growing digital signage market, there is increase in need for interactions in public area and VTouch offers the exact solution for a smarter interaction. VTouchenables are easy interaction multi-touch screens, which can be put up in public place for various purposes like retail shop marketing, museum displays, etc.

VTouch’s vision for future is to make the system work well

for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The company, which was started in 2012 by enterprising S. Koreans wants to provide its user a natural way of interacting with devices and things using path breaking technology. VTouch has partnered with many reputed Korean and international companies for utilisation of its technology like Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Kia Motors, Lotte Cinema, Megabox etc

VTouch has been the winner of Google’s Machine Learning Challenge in 2017, hosted by Google in Korea to raise awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning. VTouch with its virtual touch technology for smart homes and vehicles won the award amongst 80 other teams.

VTouch is also focusing on developing lifelong learning machines that continuously learn and adapt to individual users and user environments. The company wants to integrate their technology into many fields.

With VTouch’s technological finger touch system, you can sure manage your world on your fingertip!

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February 14,2020

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