Vrunch: Make a better world by using the power of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is redefining the entertainment space, with innumerable options available to experience. The advent of VR has also created the need to find manageable solutions for the countless VR content being produced. Vrunch, a South Korean start-up, has been working to provide solution for effective distribution of VR content.

Create better VR Experience through effective management

Vrunch was launched in 2017 primarily with the idea to help VR content management for VR Theme Parks and VR Cinema. The company’s CEO Simon Hyun-Soo Cho, was in the business of VR content curation and helped people select which VR videos to watch. In 2017, along with CO-CEO Yun-Woo Lee, who has more than 15 years of experience in content production, Simon created Vrunch. “I realised that VR contents actually helps people to engage in happiness, express message or share their own experience.  I found that VR industry works not only technology but also the power of contents,” believes Vrunch’s CEO.

Vrunch has come up with 3 types of solutions for VR management. First is ‘Boyo’, a VR multi-user operating platform, which provides the function to operate multiple VR devices as through one tablet device. It is an effective management solution targeted for VR Cinema and VR Theme Park. It can sync videos and track user behaviours in real-time.

Vrunch’s ‘Boyo’ provides the ability

to operate up to 100 VR devices with one device.

Second, is ‘Tayo’ that handles simulator with VR contents simultaneously. It supports major simulator chairs. Third is ‘Haeyo’, which is a launcher solution and handles users for VR rooms and experiences.

Providing an ecosystem for effective management

Vrunch works on the business model of monthly subscription fee and membership for VR Themepark management solution. The start-up also will deliver VR contents, that includes the shooting, editing and VFX CG work. Vrunch is aiming to make their creations available in all places where VR devices are used such as schools, hospitals in the future.”Vrunch is aiming to create not only VR contents but also develop an ecosystem itself with effective solution and platform development,” said the company’s head.

Vrunch wants to create high quality stereoscopic VR & interactive MR technology solution to offer incredible experience and simultaneously share carefully curated VR media content. The company which identifies itself as a convergence of creators & technicians wants make path-breaking leaps in the field of providing management solutions of VR content globally.


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