VRotein: Get stunning new experience of the VR gaming world

Virtual Reality Arcade platforms are attracting millions of gamers and users each day from across the world. Korean startup VRotein has been creating a buzz with their series of interesting games and content in the VR space.

VRotein is an arcade platform, which was launched in 2016 and has since then formed many partnerships and gained millions of followers for their VR games and animations. The company now has over 30 acclaimed titles in the VR gaming world.

 Enjoy VR sans a Head Mounted Display

VRotein’s premium product – VRoadcast is a unique platform designed with seamless integration of software and hardware. The prefabricated VRoadcast is a cube type game room with access to multiple hottest titles in VR gaming space.

VRotein has also patented the PMVR system (Projection Mapping Virtual Reality). It is a technology where VR content can be enjoyed without head-mounted display (HMD). The company has obtained the PMVR patent to implement VR through 3D structures without HMDs. The system is where a game screen is projected through three projectors on a three-sided wall, and the game is played by matching the targets displayed on the screen with controller movements. With PMVR, the user can play the game by adjusting the direction and position giving a feel as if enjoying a VR surrounding.

Since there is no HMD, the player can play without worrying that several other people will hit the same space. People who feel nauseous when wearing an HMD can enjoy it without any discomfort. VRotein’s “Yogun Hunter” and Lotte World’s adventure ‘Ghostwarming’ are part of the PMVR system. “PMVR is an opportunity for children and their families to enjoy VR arcade together,” said Kim Chan-ki, CEO of the startup.

“We will continue to reach to more customers with various games

with new technologies.”  – VRotein

Successful Partnerships and Optimum use of investment

The startup has also become a partner of Korea’s biggest telecom company KT’s new media business GIGA Live TV. The Live TV service uses real-life contents through a wireless stand-alone VR device.

VRotein had received investment from five venture capital companies of 2.4 billion won or $ 2 million in the initial stage. The arcade platform’s initial production TRESPASS, an escape adventure genre game, and VROTEIN ADVENTURE, an educational game, had become quite popular. In 2017, the company had launched five games namely –  Slice & Dice, Kingdom Watcher, Ttoring Wars, Cranga and Shooting Nightmare. Cranga, which have number of followers.

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