Varram’s gift for pet lovers – a smart pet fitness robot

Varram's pet fitness robot will make your pet and you happy.

People who have pets, always want the best for their furry companions. For pet owners it is most difficult to leave their pets alone at home and not able to know if their dear one is doing fine. Varram, the startup which has expertise in making monitoring robots, is coming up with a very useful and adorable product for your companion animals.

Robot to play with your pet

Varram, which was founded in 2008, has been making smart robots or appbots that allow you to monitor your home, pets, children with its smart mobile app. Now the startup has designed a smart robot specifically to suit the needs of pet owners.

Varram’s latest product is being marketed as ‘pet fitness robot’

and works on Artificial Intelligence.

The robot not only helps the owner monitor their pets when left alone at home but it also stimulates the pet’s senses with its unique features. The Varram robot is designed such a way that it can automatically play with your companion dog or cat by zooming around the house, interacting with the pet and can dispense treats. This is a great tool to keep your pet active even when you are not there at home and avoid symptoms of lethargy and depression. The gadget also has a radar like system that allows it to dodge any obstacles in the house. The robot can also detect the pet’s movements and go near it. It can go over carpets, down the stairs and is strong enough to handle being chewed or gnawed by the pet

“We have 10 years of experience developing robots at Varram and we have spent over two years working on the Pet Fitness Robot. We have designed the robot to be safe and its shape is such that pets will like it,” said Bee-Oh Kim, the Global Marketing Deputy General Manager.

Look after your pet from anywhere, anytime

Besides the automatic features, the robot can be controlled via the smartphone app. The pet owner can play with the pet remotely. The pet owner can use the app to customise timings for their pet’s activities, treats and playtime. The robot is quite helpful for those who have to go out for work for hours leaving their pet home alone. The battery of the robot has a two-hour charging time and lasts over ten hours with recommended usage of ten minutes per hour of pet stimulation. The Pet fitness robot can also sustain some amount of water spraying, which means if your pet urinates on it, it will be fine. The robot can be cleaned easily as per a manual provided by the company.

The company has started a Kickstarter campaign for the pet fitness model and has already raised over $160,000 much more than their $30,000 goal. If you’re interested in Varram’s latest pet friendly robot then you can US$79 on their Kickstarter campaign. The delivery of the product is slated for January 2019. The retail price is planned to be 39 % higher than the one currently on offer.

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February 14,2020

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