Ubion Co. Ltd: The Korean EduTech startup that popularised Moodle-based learning in Korea 

Korean EduTech startup Ubion Co. Ltd is a pioneering company in e-learning, database and online information service. The company is known for launching the financial education service www.wowpass.com in 2000 when online education was not a common phenomenon. Ubion contributes to the trend of the online educational platform through source technology such as Moodle-based social learning, collaborative learning, Flipped learning, etc.

Providing many sources & subjects for E-Learning

Ubion’s motto is to be the educational company through which learning can happen through any device regardless of time and place.  Since its inception, the startup has formed successful business alliances and pioneered learning avenues for myriad fields such as real estate, credit banking, employment, finance, publishing, solutions, content and overseas business. 

Ubion started with online financial education with wowpass, where they introduced video learning.  The company then started a real estate education service, www.moocland.co.kr, a national exam for hiring officials, www.gosi.com, Ubion Lifetime Education Center,  www.iubion.co .kr,  as well as a number of corporate cyber training centers in major financial institutions. Ubion also has Cyber Training Institute – www.edubion.co.kr, which provides the best-optimized education services for business people who want self-development. Ubion is the first company who has the support of the Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea for business learning and now is lauded as the best financial education company in Korea. 

Looking to collaborate with the Indonesian education system

Over the years Ubion has developed and strengthened its publishing efforts to enhance educational contents through intense R & D. Because of Ubion’s competitive advantages, the startup is also active in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Nicaragua. The company is now aiming to contribute to the Moodle platform system field with a new Indonesian partner company. Ubion hopes to serve Indonesian Universities with a new developed block-chain technology learning platform that can provide stable and transparent management and access for the Indonesian student certification and student information. Ubion will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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