Tylo.io: Create, upload, share videos with easy to use online ‘video maker’

Tylo.io helps you make quick and fun videos for social media.

Creating amazing videos for your social media pages has been made much easier by Korean startup Tubloo Co., Ltd through its web-based video maker Tyle.io. You need not be a design expert to create fun and interesting videos with text embedded in it with Tyle.io. The video maker simply helps you create your video ads and messages in a smart way. It comes with a smart editor that automatically adjust designs and boost the overall appearance and readability of videos.

Videos for all social media platforms

Tyle.io is a web-based design tool that makes it easier for even non-designers to create eye-catching social graphics. The simple user-friendly interface enables the user to create various social graphics with no learning cost.

Tyle.io’s design engine corrects the design in real time by determining various factors such as the amount of the user’s written text and the colour that the images contain. The smart editor boosts overall appearance and readability. Users of the web video maker have access to over five million stock images and footages and other paid fonts for any commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The process to create a video template on Tyle.io starts by presenting users with a series of templates. The user can pick one of the available templates when there is no specific design in mind. If none of the designs on the website satisfies the user, they can choose the one closest to their idea and customise every aspect of the design. Also, there is no need to create separate images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, the user can create a single image and Tyle.io resizes it to fit any social media channel.

For designers and non-designers

It is easy to use web-tool accessible by simply logging on to the website. A user can get 10 slides or video-blocks free on signing-up on Tyle.io. The pricing for the website usage is also quite nominal. A user can either go for the pay-as-you-go method or subscribe for it on a monthly or yearly basis. For pay-as-you-go, the price starts at $11 for 10 slides. For a monthly subscription, the charge is $49 and yearly is $249 and offers unlimited usage.

The video maker is not only a fun tool for non-designers and social media aficionados, but it can also be helpful for designers, creative professionals and advertising people, who want to create quick videos without involving complex tools. The easy to use and simple interface of Tyle.io makes it open to multiple possibilities.

Tylo.io has over 700 paid users and has generated revenue of $285,000 in 2018. The startup is all set to launch its product officially in the USA by March 2019.

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February 14,2020

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