Top 5 startup-friendly coworking places in Korea

Wework's coworking space in Seoul.

For startups, the beginning years are the most crucial ones, when the pitches to VCs are to be made, teams are to be built, marketing goals are to be set. During that time, it is surely a wise idea to walk tight on budget and choose to operate from a co-working space. It is not only financially viable but also a great place to network with other startups, entrepreneurs and corporates. Interestingly, the high costs of office maintenance have motivated many corporates to choose co-working spaces. has made a list of some 5 friendly co-working spaces in South Korea.

1) Wework: This global-chain of co-working space provider is most popular in Seoul. Wework has its co-working spaces at various locations like Gangnam, Yeoksam, Samseong, Euljiro, Seolleung, Seoul Station, Yeouido, Jongno, and Gwanghwamun.  Wework is a great place to be part of the growing community of new entrepreneurs. The organization’s main mission is to encourage businesses and innovation by providing them affordable and state-of-the-art workspace. Wework not only offers amenities like high-speed internet, desk services, lounges, printing, soundproof booths conference rooms, but it also organizes workshops and panel discussions from prominent people in Korea.   

Fastfive’s coworking space.

2) Fastfive: This co-working space is located six locations around Seoul.  Fastfive caters to small businesses as well as startups. The organization holds many networking seminars and informal meet-ups.  Fastfive offers open desks, small spaces to private office areas. The space offers all basic amenities needed to run a successful office and hence this co-working space has seen only 1% rate of an empty office in the last two years! 

Flagone coworking space.

3)  Flagone : Operated by Serveone, a property management firm under LG Group, this co-working space is a haven for solo entrepreneurs and startups. Located in Gangnam, near Yangjae Station, the space has an auditorium, seminar rooms, and meeting rooms, that can be used by tenants for promotional purposes.

Coworking space of Spark Plus.

4) Spark Plus: It is a co-working space supported by Korea’s leading accelerator program SparksLabs. The co-working space is located right next to Yeoksam Station exit 8.  Since SparksLabs supports technological innovations, the co-working space can be filled with developers, engineers, designers. The co-working space has an event venue called the Cube for networking meetups and parties.


Cow&Dog Coworking space

5) Cow&Dog: This place with a unique name – which refers to ‘Co-work’ and ‘Do Good’, is located in Seongu Station. The company owns the entire building and has space to occupy up to 90 small businesses and entrepreneurs. The co-working space especially supports startups and social innovators. They have a café for networking, meeting spaces for workshops and events. The co-working space has its ‘Cow&Dog’ mobile app, which is useful for members to book spaces in advance. 

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