Top 3 Dating – Chatting apps that can help you make new connections in South Korea

Dating is a tricky business, but now with so many dating apps and online meeting options available, it is much easier to make new connections. Just like across the world, online dating apps have become the most popular way to meet new people. In South Korea too dating apps are helping many make new connections. team picks the following three apps as the top ones for dating and making new friends in South Korea.


AMANDA is the most popular dating app in South Korea, and it gets its name from a Korean acronym that roughly translates to meeting new people. The app rates its users on the basis of their appearance, so the user better use a good picture. The user can be rejected if they don’t appear to have a ‘satisfactory’ appearance for the app. Once you’re on the app you are free to “like” other people’s profiles and if another person likes you back the app will allow you to chat with each other. Though AMANDA is quite a hit amongst the Koreans, it is not so welcoming yet to foreigners as the operating language is Korean and the app prefers Korean looking faces.

2) SKY People   

This is a dating app made by a Seoul National University student. It is named after the elite schools in the country – Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. It has over 140,000 users and is considered an elite dating app. There is a verification criterion for male users, who have to verify their alma mater – SKY or equivalent or have a large corporate workplace through an email address. The verification process is simpler for women, who must be a working professional or a student between the ages of 20 and 39. For men, the age bracket is from 20 to 43.

3) Tinder

The most popular dating app of the West, Tinder has caught the attention of the Koreans. However, it is not as popular as its Korean counterparts as traditional Koreans believe local dating apps are more secure. However, if you want to meet foreigners on the app in and around Seoul, this might be a good bet. Maybe you will get to connect with a Korean also. Tinder in Korea is a mix of a dating app and a casual sex app and more popular among international students, foreigners, etc. However, with Tinder booking K-Pop star Seungri as its new face in Korea, more Koreans are getting hooked to the app recently.

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