“TIPSX beSUCCESS Korean Startup Showcase @Silicon Valley” 2020 edition to be held on February 4 & 5

TIPS & beSUCCESS is hosting the 2020 edition of “TIPSX beSUCCESS Korean Startup Showcase @Silicon Valley” on February 4th and 5th in the USA. The second edition of the successful program will be held in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Platform to showcase Korean startups

The event aims to showcase the potential of the startup ecosystem of South Korea through its budding entrepreneurs. The event is hosted by Korea’s leading media company for startups – beSUCCESS, along with the country’s leading startup incubation program TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup).

TIPSX beSUCCESS Korean Startup Showcase @Silicon Valley 2019

The event was first held in March 2019 and was a grand success with nine deep-tech startups pitching their cases to global investors. The nine startups that attended the event were Artificial Intelligence startup – Nota Incorporated, Autonomous driving tech – Bitsensing Inc., Biotech startup – Future Bioworks, Cleantech companies Khanfilter and TheWaveTalk, Edutech – RiiiD, Saas startups’ Remote Monster, Osiris Systems, and Tubloo. BitSensing got funding from Sparklabs in 2019 and BeeCanvas, another of the startup got a Silicon Angel Investor for its visual collaboration services.

Just like last year, the event will host investors, strategic partners, and industry experts for networking and communicating with promising Korean startups.  The two-day event will have pitching sessions for the startups with experts coming in as judges and also one-to-one meetings with prominent investors and mentors.

This year ten tech startups have been chosen to present their innovative technologies at the event to potential investors, partners and mentors. The 10 startups that have been chosen to pitch their potential are as follows:

1) OMNIOUS TAGGER – This is a cloud-based service that offers AI-powered auto-tagging solutions by applying deep learning in fashion.

2) MediWhale – The company’s Artificial Intelligence software Dr Noon can diagnose fundus disease and cardiovascular disease with only fundus photos with an accuracy rate of up to 95%.

3) Lartbio – The startup uses genome engineered technology to produce designed cells or embryos for next-generation animal reproduction, especially the bovine.

4) Qstag- It is developing a self-health monitoring platform using smart POCT based on immunology electrochemical biosensor.

5) Mobiltech – The startup has developed a data management solution for smart cities with Replica City that includes digital twins, HD maps, and utility data.

6) Inhandplus – It has developed a small-sized camera module that can be embedded in a smartwatch to monitor the medication intake.

7) Sleek – The company aims to build a social fitness platform, currently operates on- and offline group exercise service ‘Sleek Project’ and healthy food curation service ‘Sleek Market.’

8) K-Nets – This company offers a 3D total solution that supports differentiated engineering technology. It provides 3D scanning, 3D design and reverse engineering, and 3D quality inspection.

9) Danbi – This is a smart shop management solution where an order & pay service on mobile uses WiFi and doesn’t need downloading of an app. The service also analyzes visitor data and does marketing for offline shop owner automatically.


TIPS is a Korean government initiative to support startup ecosystem in the country. It is basically an Accelerator Investment-Driven Tech Incubator Program for Startups. It is designed to identify and nurture the most promising startups with innovative ideas and groundbreaking technologies.  To support them when entering the global marketplace, it appoints and designates successful venture founders – who are now angel investors and leaders of technological enterprises – as their incubators/accelerators.

The TIPS program has seen major success for its startups. As per their records, 423 startups have received over $71.7 million investments from accelerators and $137.8 million as R&D funds, $504.9 million as post-investments and 55 startups have gone for global expansion.


beSUCCESS is Korea’s leading tech start-up media launched in 2011. To support Korean companies’ global advancement, beSUCCESS operates national and English media, and holds beLAUNCH and beGLOBAL, the leading start-up conference.

beSUCCESS media not only provides direct and indirect information needed to expand the insights of domestic startups such as tech trends, startup news, and entrepreneurship around the world including Silicon Valley, but also introduces Korea’s start-up ecosystem and news in English to the rest of the world to support the global success of Korean start-ups. It also runs English news sites on technology – koreatechtoday.com and startup news sites – koreatechdesk.com.

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February 14,2020

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