Three Restaurant Apps to try out for a fine dining experience in South Korea  

If you are visiting South Korea, then you would want to taste the local cuisine, relish amazing food preparations at top class restaurants and enjoy local hospitality. These Korean startups can help you find the best place to dine and enjoy Korean hospitality.

1. MangoPlate – MangoPlate can easily be termed as the ‘Yelp’ of South Korea. This app helps people discover the fine experience of dining at some of the best Korean restaurants. The MangoPlate app can be downloaded on Apple or Android phones. It has access to an extensive database of over 200,000 restaurants in South Korea updated daily to include the hottest new places to eat. Users can find and give recommendations, add reviews and pictures, find new restaurants, and go through guides compiled by editors and power bloggers.  The app has ratings for food places out of 5 and mostly any restaurant above a 3.5 rating is a safe recommendation to go to.

MangoPlate can help you select the best dining experience in South Korea

2. Dining Code – Dining Code is a technology-based company developing a database for users to enjoy better restaurant services. The app provides authentic reviews of restaurants using big data analysis system. The filtering technology used by Dining Code eliminates blog reviews written for advertisements.

The user can search for a restaurant using their own preferences and the app will come up with the best results regardless of what terms you put in. Dining Code uses various references like user assessment, the number of likes and comments, the blog content and reputation of blogs, etc., to create a fair ranking system. Every reference is meticulously measured and after that, they filter out information that seems incorrect or are advertisements.

Dining Code was launched in 2013 and has investments from Posco Technical Investment, ID Ventures, Seoul Investment Partners, HBIC and Magellan Technical Investment and K Cube Ventures.

3. SiksinSiksin App is also a growing online-to-offline-based food tech specialty company. Siksin allows users to leave honest feedback on restaurants and recommend places to eat. What makes it different from others is that the app has interesting features like  “Easy Booking” where users can make reservations for over 25,000 restaurants by clicking a button and the mobile-friendly electronic meal coupon “Siksin E-Meal Coupon” for office workers. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store, T Store, and Appstore, and is also available from the website. The restaurant review app was launched in 2013.

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