STYLEPILL: Taking Korean Fashion to Global Consumers

STYLEPILL wants to introduce Korean Fashion to the global consumers.

The global fashion industry has now extensively taken over the digital platform with tremendous increase in sales through e-commerce sites. More and more sites are providing chatbots for the users to select best of the style and fashion in apparels and accessories. STYLEPILL, the Korean company, has created a new concept when it comes to serving the users choose the best of fashion and style. The fashion-tech start-up has introduced a chat-commerce app, where the users can get help to purchase from the best of the Korean fashion.

Buy Korean Fashion & Beauty Products Effortlessly

Korean fashion and beauty products, which are of international quality

and affordable, are not available to global customers

because of limitations of language and information.

STYLEPILL wants to close this barrier between Korean fashion and beauty brands and the global consumers. STYLEPILL provides an online community for users to share and communicate all about fashion and beauty. Users get informed about items by data-driven curation contents and can purchase them by getting advice from ‘Style Ambassadors’, who help overcome language, size, trend, and preference issues of cross-border shopping. The app’s ‘Style Ambassadors’, which are currently 35 based out of 6 countries, are young influencers and fashion savvy individuals. These fashionistas offer real-time consultation as well as recommendations for purchases to the users.

STYLEPILL has countless curated items from users, credible Style ambassadors and K-fashion and beauty community for foreigners. STYLEPILL creates a playground for foreigners to easily share all information about Korean culture such as K-fashion and K-beauty. The playground encourages easy purchase for users who enjoy the cross-border shopping as well as community platform for K-fashion/beauty lovers.

STYLEPILL is not just another shopping mall, but the users can curate the exclusive and cheap beauty and fashion products those are available all around the world online. STYLEPILL gives commission for the products sold to the curators, which motivates users to participate in more activities.

Style Ambassadors to help you purchase fashion

STYLEPILL is mainly targeting the millennial girls in teens

and in early 20s in this ever increasing fashion and beauty market.

The company’s initial focus has been on the Southeast Asian market with K-fashion and beauty items and now it is prepared to expand to the U.S., Japan, and China. In order to enhance its presence in the virtual circle, the company is focusing on social network services including Facebook and Instagram. It has attracted 160,000 users with the Facebook International page and more users are following with the Facebook Vietnam page and Instagram as well. It is planning to enhance marketing activity by using local languages going forward. STYLEPILL also plans to increase the number of Style Ambassadors based on the increase of the user population.

The major business model of STYLEPILL is to collect sales commission of around 10 to 15% from companies of curated items from the brands and sellers. If the customer purchase items through the Style Ambassador, the company provides commission to the Style Ambassador. STYLEPILL is also preparing both of launching its own private label brands and of commencing marketing and promotion consulting services.

With the sales and marketing from the experienced merchandiser team member, STYLEPILL is now selling curated items to the world. STYLEPILL is expanding its influence globally for K-beauty and fashion with its Style Ambassadors. So anyone interested in Korean fashion brands can simply download the STYLEPILL App on their mobile phones and get recommendations

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February 14,2020

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