StradVision: Japanese investment for future of Autonomous Vehicle technology

StradVision has developed AI based technology for autonomous vehicles.

StradVision, a Korean startup, that has developed a deep learning-based camera image detection technology for automotive industry, recently got its Series A investment of 2.5 billion won or approximately $ 2.2 million from Japanese VC Global Brain. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in San Jose, California with an office in Pohang, South Korea.

Technology helps navigate the roads safely while driving

 StradVision’s product is one of the most cutting-edge ASAS solutions in the autonomous driving market. The company’s unique vision-based technology software helps vehicles to identify objects and navigate their path for a safer and smoother driving experience. It helps vehicles to sense precisely the space and relation to their surroundings. The Artificial Intelligence based technology deployed for the software responds to problematic circumstances in real-time. The technology can accurately recognise objects, pedestrians, even the texts on road signs.  It also detects overlapping objects like vehicles and pedestrians or bicycles.

The software provides auto-parking, autopilot and self-driving technology. It also provides automotive manufacturer with a NVIDIA processor, a board with pre-loaded SV software and necessary cameras. The software also develops comprehensive HD mapping systems for self-driving cars and the data from cameras are converted into 3D mapping information.

“We’re working towards building a sustainable future,

with vehicles at the forefront of the economy,” – StradVision

Being at the Forefront of Autonomous Driving

The market for autopilot technology is rapidly expanding and is quite promising. Manufacturers and suppliers are collaborating for advanced solutions and StradVision is at the forefront with the deep-learning technology.

 The recent funding from the Japanese VC will be used for aggressively expanding to overseas market and also explore talented developers. “We have been receiving lot of queries from domestic and overseas automobile industries. We are looking for talented developers, who can do explosive work. We want to do our best to become world-leading ADAS/ autonomous leader.”

The startup has attracted funding of over 16.5 billion won or $14.5 million from various investors. The major investors in the company are LG electronics, Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Mobis.

StradVision possesses 14 patents that include a method for rapidly reading texts embedded in images, fast parallel data processing and detection accuracy enhancement technology, with 10 of them registered in the US.

StradVision is a young company, which is passionate about the role of AI in autonomous industry. The strong core team of knowledgeable and proficient engineers of Stradvision continuously strives to achieve ground-breaking development in the autonomous software sector.

StradVision’s main mission is to work towards building a sustainable future by providing technology for vehicles that lay foundation for safer drives and roads.

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February 14,2020

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