Standigm: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Improve Drug Discovery Research

Standigm's technology based on Artificial Intelligence makes drugs discovery process easier.

In the field of pharmaceutical research and development, it can take years and even decades to discover new drugs. The research cost can also reach billions of dollars. Considering this problem, a Korean startup Standigm has been working towards improving pharmaceutical development processes by integrating Artificial Intelligence with systems biology technology to discover drugs. The startup recently launched its latest service Standigm BEST, a technology that provides better novel structures, at the 24th annual BIO-Europe international partnering conference.

Reducing Cost and Saving Time with AI

The services by Standigm reduces the traditional trial and error time to a large extent by using innovative AI, that automatically examines whole biomedical databases to learn what is hiding just out of sight. By using Standigm’s state-of-the-art machine learning technology, pharma research companies can eliminate some of the uncertainty in the drug discovery process. This enables focused research for effective treatments.

‘Standigm discovers drugs using AI,

saving time and cost when compared to traditional methods.’

Standigm BEST launched recently is an AI-driven customer-friendly service that generates better novel structures and provides lead optimisation to improve customer’s desired properties such as potency, selectivity, and ADMET (Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity). Standigm BEST also helps with fast-follow hit identification or patent fencing strategies.

“Standigm BEST has piqued the interest of pharmaceutical companies, and the company has scheduled various meetings with several leading pharmaceutical companies,” Standigm co-founder and CEO Kim Jinhan Kim told the media.

Strong Foundation with Brilliant Team

In November 2017, the company had launched another AI-driven drug repurposing service called Standigm Expander. “We have gained recognition for our AI technology by providing the Expander service,” Kim said. “Through such recognition, the company is increasing employment to meet the demands from pharmaceutical companies and develop more advanced AI technology.”

Standigm has a brilliant team of experts in systems biology, AI and systems engineering. CEO Jinhan Kim has worked on AI and machine learning research extensively. Directors Sang Ok Song and So Jeong Yoon have vast experience in biochemical engineering and systems biology/bioinformatics research in their careers.  In 2016 the company raised $3 million investments from LB Investment, K Cube Ventures, and Atinum Investment.

Standigm with its expert and experienced team has the vision to bring groundbreaking technological changes to the field of drug discovery and research.

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February 14,2020

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