Skin.Co: Korean American Entrepreneur’s skincare startup especially for men caters variety of skin care products specifically for men.

With beauty and skincare products, the general notion across the business world is to target women as primary customers. However, there exists a small percentage of niche markets for skincare products directed for men. US citizen and Korean-born entrepreneur and co-founder has put his bets on this niche segment of male skincare products by opening a startup, Skin.Co, specifically catering to men.

Range of products designed for men’s skin

Skin.Co was launched in 2018 to cater to the metrosexual men’s need to take care of their skin. The startup is based in Los Angeles, California, and has a small team. The company basically manufactures and sells a direct-to-consumer, premium skincare brand for men. Skin Co has easy-to-use, customized skincare sets, and individual products at a fraction of luxury prices. The startup offers anti-wrinkle, dark circle defender, exfoliator, recovery oil, cleanser, etc., products as single units. There are also sets of products for those want to have an entire kit for rejuvenation and skincare.

Skin Co. provides no-nonsense, dead simple, high-end skincare products whose ingredients are sourced from top manufacturers and are made with formulas specifically compatible with men’s skin.

Free trials and affordable subscription

Skin Co offers free trials of its product for first-time users. The consumers can buy the products separately as well as choose a monthly subscription box.

Skin.Co offers a one-month free trial for the Collection Boxes. After 1 month, it is $24 per month –where a new box is shipped every 2 months with free shipping. The startup offers international delivery for their products as well.

The company is still quite new in the market of skin care products for men, but it is slowly making its mark and getting loyal customers.

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