Shakr: The Korean startup that helps businesses create high-quality videos for digital marketing at a low cost

Shakr allows users to make interesting videos to upload on social media.

Digital videos are the most effective form of advertising and marketing in today’s world. While it is a great idea to create videos, it is a costlier and cumbersome process. Korean startup Shakr Media is helping businesses make videos easily by offering hundreds of video templates that can make personalised video clips.

Variety of design options at low cost

For businesses to compete in the age of social media, interesting videos about their product and services are becoming a must. It is important to post at least one video a month to get enough attention from the target audience. However, it is difficult to make even one video a month – especially for startups and small businesses. The cost of making a simple high-quality video with basic graphic can be somewhere between $5000 to $10,000. Shakr Media with its over 3000 variety of video templates and low pricing helps businesses create videos easily. Using the Shakr platform one can create a unlimited high-quality video for $99 per month.

Shakr makes video creation possible for businesses and marketing agencies without them having to hire a full time motion graphics designer, or having to pay ridiculously high fees. It has been proven by users of Shakr that a small  investment can lead to $10,000 worth of revenue. Many  marketing agencies, restaurants and e-commerce brands in Seoul  have used Shakr and it has helped them grow their businesses and advertise on social media by creating interesting videos.   

 The startup has crowd-sourced designers for creating the video templates. The designers get paid on a revenue-share basis when their template is adopted by users. The revenue-share criteria for designers on Shakr has meant that the platform has attracted the best creative minds.

Successful associations with clients & partners

Shakr has become a popular tool and is being used by companies in the Fortune 500 to the small and ambitious brands. Shakr Media has some high profile partnerships for creating videos with companies like Facebook, Skyscanner, HubSpot, Wework, Inkkas. “Facebook’s Creative Platform partners, like Shakr, make video production easier and help advertisers build mobile-first creatives at speed, quality, and scale,” is what a Facebook official has said about Shakr Media.

Shakr Media was founded in 2010 and has attracted investment funds from 500 Startups (US), NHN Investment (Korea), Posco (Korea), and the former president of Korean distillery Jinro. In 2015, SV Frontier, a Japanese fund based in Silicon Valley had infused funds in Shakr Media. The startup has now become a world leader in providing digital creative solutions and services to brands and agencies worldwide.

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February 14,2020

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