Saltus Corp’s app Picknail allows shoppers to pick nail stickers virtually

Picknail app allows users to try nail art sticker virtually.

Korean startup Saltus Corp. is revolutionizing the nail art sticker shopping market by enabling consumers to try nail art stickers on their nails virtually with its unique Picknail app. The startup, which is a spin-off from the C-Lab, Samsung Electronics startup incubator, is aiming to reshape online shopping experiences with an exceptional computer vision solution based on machine learning and deep learning.

Deep learning algorithms for AR-based e-commerce

Saltus was founded in 2017 by experts from Samsung Electronics, with a vision to develop solutions using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. The startup’s first app is Picknail, a deep learning-based AR e-commerce service. Saltus specializes in hand motion modeling and detection in AR/VR interface technology and has put it to a perfect application in the nail art industry.

Even though the global nail art industry is huge, there is no technological integration within the industry, and this is where the expertise of the Saltus team has been utilized. The consumers can find suitable nail art design quickly and efficiently using the Picknail app, available for most smartphones.

Picknail targets all the nail art sticker consumers who want to search the product more easily. Also, with the Picknail app, consumers can try nail art stickers on their nails virtually, which provides an enhanced shopping experience that leads to purchase.

Strong team with global expansion goals

Saltus has a strong foundation with a team of experienced people, who have worked for Samsung Electronics earlier. The startup is testing the waters in the South Korean nail art sticker market, but its primary goal is to advance into the global market. The startup wants to expand the Picknail service into other nail products, off-line nail shops, then to B2B AR ads solutions. The company is also keen to develop other services using data and improving deep learning engines.

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