Safeguard your App from Hackers

Mobile Apps are not foolproof safe from hackers.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of routine life. Whether it’s buying grocery, tracking exercise and diets, entertainment on phone or ordering for a technician service, mobile apps are fulfilling daily life requirements by touch of the screen. Creating web and  mobile apps has become a lucrative business for app developers and everyday they are striving to make more and better apps. While it is becoming easier to create apps, it is becoming tougher to save them from hackers. A single damage to the app, can bring in huge financial and business loss. To solve the security concerns for app developers SEWORKS, a start-up, has developed advanced protection and monitoring system, which safeguards the apps easily.

SEWORKS, the company which was founded in 2013, provides offensive and defensive app security that ensures apps are safe from dangerous hacking threats that can destroy intellectual property and expose sensitive user information. Interestingly SEWORKS was founded by a group of world-class security experts and ‘white-hat’ hackers.

The threat to mobile and web apps is quite real as almost

all of the apps are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

A recent example can be of Strava, the fitness tracking app, which in January 2018 is said to have exposed sensitive locations of US military bases around the globe. A Gartner report suggests that 75% of all mobile apps will fail basic security test and as per Arxan 87% of top 100 paid apps on Apple store have been hacked. As per SEWORKS’ estimate 87% of top 200 free apps on Google Play can be decompiled and 93% of top 1 million websites on Mozilla failed basic security measures.

‘Build Apps, Leave Security to SEWORKS’

SEWORKS, with its motto to developers “You make the apps. We protect them.”, knows that to burst a hacker’s plan one has to think like them. The company’s CEO Min Pyo Hong, is an experienced hacker and has also been heading a non-profit organisation called Wow Hackers since 15 years. He identified and recruited best of the hackers to establish SEWORKS.

“With years of experience and accumulated data, you can now predict the market to some extent. That’s what makes it different from other security companies. As the hackers come together, the work momentum and execution power is fast. It’s a hacker’s mind to instantly launch an idea, ” Min Pyo Hong had said in an interview earlier.

The company’s current products are:

  • Pentoma, which is a deep learning penetration testing solution that identifies holes in the web application security before hackers do any potential damage.
  • AppSolid, which is a cloud-based mobile app solution offering powerful app protection with a real-time security monitoring system. AppSolid’s advanced security prevents most common hacking practices including App Piracy, Identity Theft/Copy cats, Malware injection, behaviour modification and data manipulation.
  • AppSolid Scan, which is a cloud-based scanning solution that provides a complete risk diagnostic of the application security holes. It gives detailed reports that can show the application’s critical and medium vulnerabilities and threats based on the current OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks.

SEWORKS is committed to continuously advancing the state of application security for various developers on Web, iOS, Android, Unity and other platforms. The company has been backed by investments from Softbank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, and other reputed organisations. Currently SEWORKS has a base in San Fransisco, USA and a R&D centre in Seoul, S. Korea. The company is expanding its work to the global app security market.

The company’s mission is to empower developers so that they can focus on building great products and not worry about security concerns.

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