Roborus provides CRM intelligence solution to revolutionize retail and hospitality industry

Roborus delivered its first 'Poca' to 7-Eleven in Korea in May 2019.

Roborus, a Korean robotics startup, is working towards making businesses of restaurant owners, café owners and shop owners easier through integrating Artificial Intelligence with customer service. Roborus delivers CRM intelligence solution providing ideal combination of machine learning, computer vision and robotics to revolutionize retail and hospitality industry.  The startup’s machine-learning based robots, kiosks, and software using face recognition technology enhances the customer’s experience.

AI-Based Technology to offer personalised service

Retaining staff and sustaining wages has always been an expensive maintenance cost that can eat into the slim profit margins for franchise restaurants, café chains, etc. The Point of Sale (PoS) systems at such places have limited ability to take advantage of the data collected in everyday transactions. The machines are not equipped to complete certain tasks, so take a long time and require repetitive actions by cashiers which can lead to unmotivated staff.

Roborus, which was founded in 2016, has come up with a solution using AI-based technology. The robots and kiosks designed by Roborus remembers data and diminishes the need for repetitive tasks. The AI-based kiosks employ facial recognition and automatically identifies customers. The machine learning system provides guests with personalized services and can recommend specific menu items based on customer profiles. The platform helps the franchises understand their customers by gathering and analysing key data such as the number of visits, consumption patterns, and average spending. Businesses can use this data for actionable insights on how to enhance their marketing activities and increase sales. The setup can also enhance customer experience with personalised service and increase customer loyalty.

Tune or Poca for better customer satisfaction

Roborus has two primary products – Tune and Poca. For Tune, the POS simply needs a camera connection that can do the facial recognition job easier. When customers walk up to a POS or kiosk running Tune, it predicts and presents what they’re likely to order based on past behaviour and the preferences of customers similar to them. This helps earning brownie points from customers, faster service and motivated cashier.  

Posted by Roborus on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Poca is a turnkey “Smart Ordering System” that can be easily set up and is the most personable order-taking robot. Poca can greet customers, recognize regulars and take their orders. Poca can even link up with shop’s all IoT-enabled devices, including lights, thermostats, and appliances, so everything is switched on and ready to go before the customer sets foot in the store. Poca can detect customers’ emotions and it can emote right back to them. Poca can make service faster, personalised and at the same time give important data analytics to businesses to enhance their marketing and relationship with customers.

The startup is having an active pilot project in American Deli in Atlanta USA and has a partnership with 7-Eleven and Clover in Korea. The co-founder and CEO of Roborus DH Kim has worked for several global IT companies such as Pentech, Nokia and Foxconn. Co-founder, Jeong Kim has worked for multiple research institutions in the US, South Korea and Finland.  Roborus expects its revenue to be $7.6 million by 2020 end.

Roborus’ team is attending the RISE conference in HongKong from July 8 to 11, supported by Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development(KISED) to showcase the product in front of the hundreds of influential investors. The RISE Tech Conference attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets and influential investors to HongKong.

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February 14,2020

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