Rhoonart – Get your personalised music created just by a click!

Rhoonart offers a platform to find your own music.

Music is the most important component when it comes to producing commercial videos, ad films, VR content, audio jingles and even songs. It is not always easy to find the right track or suitable lyrics to suit your needs. Also, it is not so easy for artists, composers and songwriters to find clients that appreciate their work. Rhoonart, a music platform developed by Korean start-up, is creating the connections between clients and songwriters, composers for benefit of commercial music.

Zero-commission music platform

Rhoonart provides its service without charging any commission, which is beneficial to both the parties involved. The music platform has a database of hundreds of songwriters, composers and lyricists.  It has a very simple process of transaction between client and artists.

For the Client – A client can login to the platform and request music composition or write songs from the listed artists. The artist shall compose or writer the music exclusively for the client. The clients pay, but the payment is held till they are satisfied with the outcome.

For the Artists –  The Artist can send an estimate to the client as per their requirement. If client approves, they fulfil the work requirement and get paid once the client has finalised the project.

Rhoonart only asks for distribution rights

so that the platform can re-sell and generate revenue.

Rhoonart has very simple rules regarding copyright, modification and refund requests.  The copyright for the work remains with the artist even though the client pays for it. In order to obtain the copyright, the client must pay for the copyright to the artist. The payment for the composition pertains to the right to use the piece of music without any limitations. However, as Rhoonart resells the song to other clients, the main client also receives 20% of the profit of the resale cost. This is all done through agreements between the client, music composer and Rhoonart.

Both the client and the artist have the choice to reject consent of the distribution rights, however they are charged 20% commission on the transaction.

For modifications with the music there are no set mandatory number of modifications laid by Rhoonart, but most artists allow for three modification requests. If one is not satisfied with the result, then they can submit a request for refund within seven days of receiving the initial version without any modification requests. Once modification requests to the artist are submitted, this will nullify the refund.

The platform offers variety of services like music composition, song writing, sound effect, music notes, MR (music removed) and mastering. On Rhoonart clients can also hold music contests so as to chose from hundreds of compositions. The artists apply for such contests and clients can choose a winner for their requirement. The platform also offers ready-to-go music pieces. Rhoonart is easily accessible with all mobile devices, making it easy for clients to chose music from anywhere at anytime.

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