Quartz Sys’ BIM technology to build and maintain safe & enduring constructions

Quartz Sys’ Performa Building Monitoring System interface that helps manage building operating information.

Building construction is an essential part of modern living and maintaining the safety and endurance of the buildings has become a necessary part of it. Quartz Sys, a Korean startup is leading in developing state-of-the-art IT technology that improvises productivity and enhances safety in the Construction Industry.  

Quartz Sys’ technology, which is based on BIM (Building Information Modelling), enables an advanced data processing system necessary for Building Lifestyle Management such as design, construction, maintenance, monitoring, safety supervision, rule check, and dismantling.  The company’s BIM Data processing technology has International Standard Certification (IFC2x3), which is first in Asia and South Korea.

Cutting-Edge Products for Construction Industry

Quartz Sys has introduced its Construction IT Convergence Software and BIM Data processing system through its ‘Performa’ series products.

1) Performa Manager: This solution based on BIM International Standard IFC Data processing technology basically provides object property & 3D geometric information. It provides BIM users with its more extended functions such as Object Section Cutting, Clash Detection, Space Navigation, Annotation (2D & 3D) etc. It’s helpful to building designers, constructors and managers.

2) Performa IC or Integrity Checker: This is a mutual BIM Data Integrity Checking Feedback System. It checks if BIM Data were missed and gets the defective parts modified by visualizing the result when you change the model designed with the existing BIM authoring tools into the IFC file.

3)    Performa BMS (Building Monitoring System): This is a 3D building monitoring software based on BIM that monitors and manages diverse building operating information in real time, assuring through the seamless integration of BIM data and Building Automation System (BAS). If any malfunction occurs in the equipment, the system gives alarms in real time and shows the equipment location and malfunction information in virtual building space.   

4) Performa AMS (Asset Management System): It manages the assets of buildings and facilities systemically by integrating building information with space and object of the building.  

5) Performa Urbanscape: It is a platform to make it possible to develop various urban space analysis applications by integrating BIM & GIS information and visualizing urban space information.

6)    Performa Codechecker: This is an automated Code-compliance checking system to examine the legality of IFC BIM models automatically. Through a self-developed BIM design quality test library based on rules, it tests the design information, building code or BIM design standard of buildings designed with BIM and extracts errors.

7)     Pix4D (Reseller): It is a complete mapping and modelling solution to convert thousands of images, which can be taken through UAVs and portable cameras into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and 3D mash models.

8)     Performa RE3D: This is an add-on reverse engineering BIM solution for a facility management system. The reverse engineering technology can be applied on complicated things such as pipes and ducts. This program generates 3D object information and attribute information from Point Cloud data through 3D reverse design process.

9)     Performa BIM Model server: This is a BIM-based solution to manage multiple projects in web-based environment.

Quartz Sys’ mission is to offer products and services to clients that are distinguished and add value through the most advanced technology. The startup has successfully collaborated with many Korean government agencies and top companies like Hyundai Motor Group, Kitech, Posco, etc.

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February 14,2020

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