Popjoy – Creating Cartoons for ‘Popular Joy’

Popjoy's 2018 game Cartoon Network Arena is quite popular among players.

Korean start-up Popjoy is creating a niche for themselves in the world of amazing animation content. The company, which is a specialist in mobile gaming, has expanded its success to global market, which includes South East Asia, India and China.

Working for a Global Audience

Popjoy had a grand launching of its mobile game- the Cartoon Network Arena in the Asia-Pacific region and India in October 2018. Cartoon Network Arena is a mobile game in progress that has also signed a licensing contract with Turner, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, for major animation IP use. Seven of original Cartoon Network animation characters popular all over the world including Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Steven Universe can all be found in the game. Characters from different fictional worlds appear altogether, offering a variety of fun and joy.

 Popjoy: We are working on popular joy by embracing unique games.

Developed and serviced by Popjoy, the game has been released on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Korea One store simultaneously, supporting 6 languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese. The company will also add Thai and Indonesian in future.

In the Cartoon Network Arena, players can create their own deck and battle other players globally by using a total of 70 units (characters, buildings, and spells). It’s a real-time strategy genre mobile game mainly featuring random PVP matching and unit balances. The player who attacks the opponent’s crystal tower or obtains more tiles from the 15 neutral tiles in the centre wins the battle.

Unique Content for players’ pleasure

The unique contents such as main character’s transformation content from Cartoon Network animation, Kingdom content supporting communities, a solid story line, and mini-games within the casual game has already gone viral. The games had resulted in more than 50,000 downloads in the first 10 days from the soft launching in June 2018, raising expectations for the official release.

Cartoon Network Arena has also been selected TOP10 from Google Indie Games Festival earlier in 2018. It has also won the Mobile Star Festival as well as G-Rank Seoul Challenge award, and has been selected winner of Make in Korea 2018.

Popjoy is a mobile game developer, which was established in July of 2013. The company has successfully developed and launched three games since 2013 including the Cartoon Network Arena. The other two games from the company’s stable are the Demigod war launched in 2014 in Korea and globally in 2015 and the ‘Yoddha Deva Sangram’ launched in India and globally in 2016. Both the games have been very popular amongst the players’ community.

Popjoy is also exploring the possibilities of decentralising blockchain technology-based games. Popjoy has been collaborating with global IP with a vision to create a globalised mobile game. The company’s mission is to maximise the fun for the user with their contents and develop services that directly communicate with the users.

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