ORBIS AI: Making technology more human with emotion recognition service

ORBIS AI's emotion recognition API can detect 25+ subtle emotions.

Human emotions are hard to be interpreted and understood. Artificial Intelligence technology has the ability to provide new insights in detecting emotions and recognising human expressions, changing the way the world operates. There are many AI based emotion and expression recognition technologies, being developed across the globe.

Korean startup ORBIS AI by utilising the power of AI technology combined with the virtues of emotional intelligence, is developing a multi-modal deep learning technology, which can improve upon the existing models of emotion recognition technology.

Products to recognise human emotions in real-time

ORBIS AI is developing products, which can analyse emotions in real-time through speech recognition, facial expression recognition and in multiple ways. The startup’s currently in beta service for real-time emotion recognition cloud service, and are working on R & D for accurate analysis of more delicate emotions in the future.

The company’s speech emotion API takes in pre-recorded audio files, or audio data streams with minimum length of 3 seconds, in any data format. Then the API analyses both the context and how it is said, observing subtle changes in speech characteristics such as tone, tempo, volume etc. The second product the Face Emotion API provides real-time emotion data with superior accuracy because of cutting-edge Deep Learning technologies. The API takes in video or pictures of faces in any data format and then analyses facial features and provides the most accurate emotion result. The results for recognition can be obtained from the cloud-based API. Both the API recognises 25+ subtle emotions and 7 basic emotions with 3 continuous emotion descriptor – Valence, Dominance and Arousal. The startup is working on developing multiple input API as well.

“We are developing artificial intelligence that understands

and empathizes with people’s emotions.”  – ORBIS AI

Creating technology for a better world

ORBIS AI has a dedicated team creating effective computing engines that are capable of understanding and expressing human emotions. The API is easy to integrate with any platform with few lines of code.

The API cloud services for B2B are already in beta testing in the USA and the B2C service will also be launched soon. The startup believes that the scope of the emotion recognition AI for businesses, education and mental health field is unlimited.

Through the use of the emotion recognition AI technology, educators can modify contents of education as per the emotional reactions from children and the effect of education content on them. With growth in the smart speaker market, the AI technology can play a prominent role. The service can monitor stress and emotional state in real time and aid in mental health care. This can be advantageous for both the businesses, who want to ensure their employees’ mental welfare and for individual, who want to cope with everyday stress of life.

The startup was launched with the idea to create a product to comfort people and the emotion recognition AI of ORBIS AI does have potential to touch the emotional cords and create a better world.

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