Odd Pilot’s Augmented Reality platform helps furniture brands create 3D models & increase sales

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been helping in creating real-time shopping experiences for buyers. Odd Pilot, a Korean startup has created a web platform with Augmented Reality that helps furniture brands attract potential buyers easily. The platform called ProductX converts products to 3D to increase purchase conversion rates and brand value for the sellers.

Place furniture, view a 360-degree angle to make a buying decision

 Odd Pilot’s platform has a simple process, where the furniture brands can send their furniture design photos and drawings and the company’s 3D designers create custom, HD photo-quality 3D models. The created 3D models are stored in a cloud and can be checked anytime, anywhere through the web viewer. Brands can easily build & deploy a 3D/AR web viewer and embed on any website they want. By embedding the viewer on product webpages, brands can boost the conversion rate and lower the return rate.

The 3D/AR web viewer can be used for online marketing simultaneously helping potential consumers make better decisions on their purchase. It allows users to truly experience the product in detail by zooming in, viewing from any angle and helps them make faster and better decisions. The AR view helps the buyer to virtually place the product in their home by using their smartphones. The 3D model is created as a real-life scale, so users know exactly how the product will fit in their space. The web viewer provides the highest reach possible because it can be accessed from any kind of device and doesn’t require the installation of an app.

Looking for more funding to expand and to invest in advance version

Odd Pilot’s business model works on a monthly subscription fee for hosting 3D models and web 3D & AR viewers. The pricing is based on storage size, bandwidth and additional features of the viewer. The company is first of its kind in South Korea and offers the highest reach possible by providing all 3D, AR and VR through the web for the lowest of cost. The startup’s seed funding was through investment from Korea Technology Finance Corp., Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development and self-funding options. The company is now looking for more funding to acquire more customers and to develop the next version of the platform, which includes build & deploy management and AI-powered product recommendations. The startup also wants to expand by increasing marketing and hiring.

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