Music Spray: A digital platform helping musicians reach a worldwide audience with only a one-time fee of $99

Indie musicians can publish, distribute music using Music Spray's platform.

For musicians across the globe, the biggest problem after creating a beautiful piece is to find a proper distribution channel that also doesn’t cut into their pockets. South Korean startup Pison Contents has developed Music Spray, a digital distribution platform that charges just $99 or 99,000 won for a one-time signup fee offering unlimited lifetime digital distribution.

Distribute, promote and be famous

Musicians can release as much content as they want using Music Spray to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, etc. The user simply must sign up and have an MP3 or WAV format sound source for their creation to upload on the platform. An album cover page, artist introduction, artist picture, etc., are also needed by Music Spray platform. While only one artist can be distributed with a single account, the platform also has the feature of ‘label-member’ offered at premium fees for multiple artists’ work distribution.  

Music Spray also allows distribution of music videos and they can be promoted on the platform’s YouTube channel. Besides the distribution feature to facilitate the distribution and settlement of direct music without agency, Music Spray is also developing some unique features for its users. The company is actively developing and producing the contents of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to promote domestic artists more effectively overseas. Music Spray is developing an Auto Detecting Technology to precisely find about a musician’s royalty named ‘Red Wine’ in YouTube using Machine learning.

“We are a company that helps artists create sustainable music by utilising our latest technology.” – Pison Contents

Unique business model

Pison Contents was launched in 2010, with a mission to help Indie musicians bring their music to people. Music Spray distributes music to over 120 countries and over 5000 musicians subscribe to the platform’s service. Music Spray operates on a unique business model in the ever competitive music industry. Pison Contents charges only 18 percent for each piece distributed via MusicSpray versus the 50 percent rate of most distributors in the industry.

Pison Contents has received significant attention from investors in Korea and the US. In 2015, the startup had received an investment of US $1 million from Silicon Valley-based Sazze Partners, Korea’s leading accelerator Primer and Korean government-backed Tech Incubator Program for Startup. The startup has its headquarters based in Korea and has offices in the US, France, and China.

The global music distribution industry is quite challenging and with a disruptive business model like Music Spray, Pison Contents has taken up a big challenge. However, the CEO and founder of the company, Ryu Ho-suk, who is a musician turned entrepreneur, has confidence about changing the way music is channelized digitally.

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