Mobidoo: Connect everything with Smart Sound

Mobidoo's sound wave technology can easily transfer data.

The Korean start-up eco-system has its unique strength because of the high-level of education and acceptance of innovation and change. The Korean start-up industry has seen various developments, which are changing the definition of technological advancement across the globe. Mobidoo, a company started by dynamic techno-experts, is revolutionising the transfer of data through inaudible sound waves. In today’s world everything is connected, mobile phones can operate home appliances, payments are done via phones and there is lot of interconnection at places and between people. This involves a lot of data transfer and most require an extra hardware, dongle or scanner.

Sound wave Technology to send data 

Mobidoo’s sound wave technology Smart Sound sends data over sound that cannot be heard by humans, enabling connection without additional hardware. Smart Sound is applicable to all devices with speakers. Mobidoo has developed billing, authentication and marketing solutions using this non-audible sound waves. Smart Sound is created to connect all devices in the world. The technology smart sound, contains and transmits information or any content through inaudible sounds enabling connection with all home appliances as well as smartphones.

The advantage of this technology is that unlike the NFC or Bluetooth, there is no need for additional hardware or device settings. Mobidoo’s goal is to provide the user with best experience in various services such as mobile payment authentication, IoT and marketing based processes through the sound wave technology.

With the Smart Sound mobile payment & authentication at

merchants can be easily done without POS application.

It is the only technology that supports mobile settlement regardless of merchant environment (POS, phone. The sound waves technology can aid in location-based marketing without additional devices using installed speakers. . The company has already commercialised easy payment solution technology.

Founded in 2013, the company has only eleven employees, but has received invested a total of $1.3 million from Samsung Next, Samsung’s venture fund supporting start-ups. The company has also received funding from Lotte Members, and Capstone Partners. Partnering with LOTTE, the leading retail conglomerate in Korea, Mobidoo has started world’s first sound wave based payment service (Sonic Payment) in March, 2017 and is making more than 150,000 transactions per month.  The start-up is already working with its sound technology in four countries besides South Korea. Mobidoo wants to expand its business to South East Asia, Europe and America by 2020.

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February 14,2020

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