Make your own ‘League of Legend Champions’ Team! connects user with fantasy sports games for simulating experience.

South Korea is the hub of competitive video gaming and e-sports. It is the third most popular sport among the South Koreans youth, as per a last year survey by Nielsen Korea. The trend had started in the 90s during the Asian Financial Crisis when the S. Korean government had brought in major reforms in telecom and internet sector. Today with millions of South Koreans engaged in watching e-sports, it has entered the mainstream culture of the country. Also, there is an explosive rise in the field of Fantasy Sports in the country, which is dubbed to become a multibillion-dollar tech industry in the future. Combining the popularity of the E-sports and the profitability of the fantasy sports market, the South Korean company Gwabba Ltd. has launched its Fantasy E-sports portal –

Fantasy sports for popular E-sports games

The company has been launched by gaming fans, who want to give a simulating experience to fans and streamers of e-sports. is primarily a service based on the League of Legend Champions Korea. It allows users to become owner and organise the actual Lol-Champs players with annual salaries. After the end of the game, the players’ statistics are scored and a winner is awarded, based on the scores.

Fantasy sports has been a very popular sporting culture in North America, where variety of sports like the NFL(basketball), baseball (MLB), ice hockey (NHL) automobile racing, golf, etc have been on the fantasy sports leagues. The concept of fantasy sports is now becoming popular in South Korea and has been created to give gamers and streamers a new platform. claims to be the World’s first fantasy

sports for gaming streamers.

Make money, engage & enjoy

The company launched Master.GG in March, and has attracted seed investment through BluePoint Partners VC and angel investors. Since then Master.GG has added professional League of Legends leagues for North America and Europe.

Also they have added the world’s first fantasy sports for gaming streamers. Currently offering free daily fantasy sports contests for PUBG and Fortnite streamers.

They hope to expand its reach in North America where Daily Fantasy Sports is legal, and plan on offering cash games within the next couple months.

The company wants to grow into the global leader of fantasy eSports. It does have a promising future considering the craze of eSports among the younger generation globally.

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