Marvrus : Learning Language made fun through Virtual Reality

Marvrus has developed English learning tool using Virtual Reality.

In today’s digital age, transfer of knowledge and learning has become far easier than ever before. The use of technology has made imparting education a hassle free and quick process. With the aim to revolutionise the way education is imparted, Marvrus, a Seoul based edu-tech start-up has come with their innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools.

Learning Language using a VR headset

Marvrus has developed a VR Teleport English tool, which helps students learn English language. It is an aimed for learners living in non-English speaking countries. The students can wear the VR headsets attached with smartphones and get transformed to different parts of the world. They can interact with native English speakers from places like Australia, England, America etc through the VR tool. The VR tool provides the user personalised feedback using voice processing technology. The user is transported to different situations and scenes for better interaction experiences.

Learning English through virtual reality has given

many non-English speaking students an unique experience.

“Learning through Virtual Reality is a lot more fun. It allows me actually talk in English with foreigners. It is much better than learning English using books at home. I think I can now easily interact in English with a foreigner,” said of the students in an English learning institute in Seoul, where the VR tool has been introduced.

Marvrus was started three years ago by an MBA graduate from KAIST with a mission to bring in revolution in the education system through technological advancement.  Lim Se-Ra, the CEO of the company has said, “People were not familiar with Virtual Reality earlier so it was difficult to explain the technology. Since three years, we have been promoting the technology through schools, local government and institutes. It has changed public perception a lot and has contributed to an accelerated spread of technology specially in the field of education.”

The company, which identifies itself as a social venture,

wants to decrease the gap in the education system through technology.

Immersive Content through Virtual Experience

Marvrus is currently providing VR, AR & MR tools to teach English to Korean students. The company aims to expand their edu-content business globally. They are planning to introduce other languages like Japanese and Vietnamese as well. “We would like to teach Korean in Southeast Asian countries as there is a strong demand for it,” said the CEO.

Besides the educational tools, Marvrus team also works on providing job experiences and room escape games. In 2017, the Ministry of Education in Korea had awarded Marvrus with the Grand Prize in the field of e-Learning.

Virtual reality works on the premise of creating a virtual world or an imagined reality that allows users to interact with it. By introducing it in the field of education, it allows more immersive learning over simple learning through books. Marvrus has successfully been able to tap the virtues of VR and AR in the field of education. With their mission to “provide marvellous experience to the users with immersive content”, the company is aiming to bring in more technological revolution in the field of education.

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