Looking for love in Valentine’s Day month? Get on to these top 5 Korean dating apps!

It’s Valentine’s Day month and time to indulge in love. And in today’s digitalized world, finding the true love of your life might be a click/swipe away in any part of the world. But, with hundreds of dating apps available, there is a huge risk of meeting the wrong one and regretting it! Worry no more.
If you are in South Korea or traveling to the country and want to check out for a potential mate, then Koreatechdesk.com has picked five interesting, innovative, and safe dating apps that will help you find a connection.

1. Noondate

Set up like a blind date but not exactly a blind date, Noondate introduces you to 3 new people every noon in your location or choice of region, including even US/Canada, which is the app’s second-largest user-populated region. Using a semantic matching algorithm, the company has matched over 5 million users since 2015. You can find your match by simply selecting one out of the two cards every noon! The contact information is kept 100% confidential, and Facebook authentication increases the credibility of the individuals who are suggested as your potential match. Every applicant is also carefully reviewed and then approved for membership.

3. 1km

As far as comfort is concerned, having a love interest close by is a great idea. That is why 1km is a practical choice. It matches you with prospective located 1 kilometer around you and your mobile device. The ‘culture club’ feature on the app makes it more customized by matching you with those with similar interests. Other interesting categories include a movie club, climbing club, study club, and bicycle club. You may join a pre-existing club or create a new one and invite others to join. For safety purposes, there is surveillance for inappropriate behavior on the app. This app is currently only available in Korean and, therefore, a great option for native Koreans keen to meet other Koreans in the area.

2.  Tinder Korea

Everyone either is on Tinder or knows of it. The most popular dating app of the West, Tinder, has caught the attention of the Koreans. However, it is not as popular as its Korean counterparts as traditional Koreans believe local dating apps are more secure. However, if you want to meet foreigners on the app in and around Seoul, this might be a good bet. Maybe you will get to connect with a Korean also. Tinder in Korea is a mix of a dating app and a casual sex app and more popular among international students, foreigners, etc. However, with Tinder booking K-Pop star Seungri as its new face in Korea, more Koreans are getting hooked to the app.

4. Badoo

According to Badoo, 13,000 people delete Badoo every day because they found someone on Badoo. The company claims to be the biggest dating app in the world, with more than 450 million users. It prides itself on protecting the safety and privacy of every user, a crucial feature when it comes to meeting strangers. Each photo is checked and verified regularly to ensure they are appropriate. One can video chat with a probable match and meet people in their vicinity. Its premium service allows on to see who added them to their favorites and who liked their profile.


AMANDA is one of the most popular dating apps in South Korea, and it gets its name from a Korean acronym that roughly translates to meeting new people. The app rates its users based on their appearance, so the user better uses a good picture. The user can be rejected if they don’t appear to have a ‘satisfactory’ appearance for the app. Once you’re on the app, you are free to “like” other people’s profiles, and if another person likes you back, the app will allow you to chat with each other. Though AMANDA is quite a hit amongst the Koreans, it is not so welcoming yet to foreigners as the operating language is Korean, and the app prefers Korean looking faces.

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February 14,2020

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