Life Semantics: Korean startup making personalized health management a digital possibility

Life Semantics offers specialized digital health management with its PHR-based data platform LifeRecord.

A Korean health-tech startup, Life Semantics Corp., has developed a platform that integrates health record data scattered among hospitals, governments, and corporations to create a personalized health management platform that can prepare itself for the upcoming diseases based on a disease prognosis prediction algorithm.

A platform that checks on health statistics

Founded in 2012, Life Semantics is a specialized digital health company that developed the first commercial PHR-based data platform called LifeRecord.

The company offers analysis techniques using personal health record data, disease occurrence and prediction algorithms, that can assess the probability for such diseases as cancer and stroke. The data on LifeRecord can provide substantial information to set up a self-health management program and provide pre-emptive healthcare services.

Life Record can provide vital information to healthcare service providers and individuals about the possibilities of diseases and pre-emptive care. The platform can contribute in the prediction of breast cancer recurrence, pneumonia and cardiovascular diseases. It can support the recommendation for treatment and nutritional plans. Life Semantics is planning to launch a mobile solution that offers forecasting, prevention, and management of various serious disease outbreaks soon.

Growing with expansion in the digital health industry

Life Semantics hopes to offer a total health management solution through its platform by utilising collaboration models with various healthcare related industries like insurance, finance, food and fitness. The startup aims to create an environment for digital health industries in which safe and fair use of personal health records as assets is promoted.

Considering the potential growth in the PHR digital healthcare industry, leading healthcare firm CareLabs bought an 18.4% stake in Life Semantics in 2018 with 6.4 billion won of investment.  Dr. Kim Dongsoo, CEO of CareLabs had told media, “PHR digital healthcare industry in Korea is still in its infancy but the potential is unlimited. Synergy with Life Semantic has strengthened its expertise and made it into the precision medical industry and it is the restructuring of the medical ecosystem. ” In addition to CareLabs, Smile Gate Asset Management and Korea Investment & Securities also have invested in Life Semantics.

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