Lezhin Entertainment launches ‘Lezhin Comics for SAMSUNG’ to strengthen its global presence

Lezhin Entertainment partners with Samsung.

The Korean webtoon pioneer Lezhin Entertainment announced its new partnership with “Lezhin Comics for SAMSUNG” in the Galaxy Store. For Lezhin Entertainment, this launch is a step to strengthening the global presence of Lezhin Comics which offers webtoons in English, Japanese and Korean. The platform launches over 250 titles every week.

Lezhin Entertainment was launched in 2013 in South Korea when webtoons were free-to-read. Lezhin Comic’s premium model offered creators more options to monetize their work. In 2014, Lezhin Entertainment was awarded the “Prime Minister’s K-Internet Award” for establishing a premium webtoon ecosystem, and in 2015 Lezhin Comics launched in the US.

More recently in 2017, Lezhin Entertainment saw their revenue from overseas sales hit 10 billion won. In 2018 sales in the US alone hit 10 billion won and the Lezhin Comics app toppled mainstays like DC and Marvel by ranking No. 1 on Google’s “Top Grossing Apps” in the comics’ category. Lezhin Entertainment’s partnerships with foreign publishers have also brought graphic novels to the European market. 

To celebrate the collaboration, Lezhin Entertainment is offering free bonus coins worth $9 to users who download “Lezhin Comics for SAMSUNG” from the Galaxy store. Lezhin Entertainment’s CEO, Sung Eob Lee said, “I’m excited to see ‘Lezhin Comics for SAMSUNG’ launch and cement our position in the global market. This partnership gives Lezhin Comics a firm position overseas with the potential to go even further while we continue to work towards publishing more exciting and engrossing webtoons.”

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