LetinAR receives investment boost for its Augmented Reality glasses

Futuristic smart glasses - LetinAR's mission

LetinAR, a promising start-up in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) optical modules, recently announced that it had got total of 4 billion won or approx.  $3.5 million of  investment from Naver, Kakoa Ventures, Korea Asset securities and DSC investments. This investment means that the start-up has successfully finished its Series A round of investment. It is certainly a boost for this tech-company, which has been leading its way in the market for optical solutions through their specially developed AR glasses.

LetinAR’s  Unique Augmented Reality Glasses 

Tech Giants like Google and Microsoft have released multiple Augmented Reality Glasses, which are considered to be the next-generation wearable devices. But the over-sized and weight, causing dizziness glasses has limitations.  The pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses designed by LetinAR are expected to cause no dizziness even after using them for a long time.

 LetinAR has successfully developed the AR glasses

using the ‘Pin Mirror’ technology.

The ‘PIn Mirror’ technology shows images of virtual objects clearly at close range, using a very small reflector. While other company’s augmented reality device are just for looking at virtual objects from small distance of about a meter, with LetinAR’s ‘Pin Mirror’ lens, it is possible to see clearly and control virtual objects without dizziness at 25cm in front of the user’s eyes.

LetinAR was established in 2016 and has solely developed a patented ‘Pin Mirror’ technology  for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality optical systems. It owns the global patent on the related original technology.

Augmented Reality Glasses created by LetinAR are thin and small so that they can be worn like a pair of normal eyeglasses. The users can clearly see at the same time the virtual and real image using  the glasses.

LetinAR’s vision to develop AR for the Best Optical Functions  

With the latest investment the company intends to increase their technological advancement of the AR glasses, which can be reviewed in 2019. The company looks to participate more actively in IT exhibitions and also gain full cooperation with glass companies.

“LetinAR is a team that has solved problems which are important to optical functions of AR glass utilising proper technology.”

“The rapid growth of the technology will make it possible for anyone to use the smart glass. We hope the start-up will leap forward,” is what a partner at the investor company Kakao Ventures had to say about LetinAR.

The start-up’s future vision and goal is to replace all of the displays such as smartphones, monitors and televisions with their Augmented Reality Glasses. The company wants to sell their products to both B2B, B2C market. With the interest of top investors in the company’s product and technology, the goal doesn’t seem a far away mission.

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February 14,2020

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