Leading the animation world with “Nori” & Friends

Nori is the most famous animation character made by XrisP.

South Korean company XrisP Co., Ltd is taking big leaps in the world of animation content through fantastic properties like the famous ‘Rollercoaster boy Nori’, ‘Bookworm Gogo’ and ‘Panda Wing’. XrisP Co., Ltd  is a company that was launched in 2012 with the sole purpose of developing entertaining animation content, hardware and software.

XrisP’s most adorable animation creation ‘Nori’ has become globally famous character.

The animation series shows the main character, a small boy named Nori, in variety of situation depicting friendship, family and love.  The animation is a global production between China, New Zealand and Korea.

The animation series has recorded the highest ratings among KBS 2TV’s animation series, and is broadcast in 19 countries (including planned broadcasts) around the world. Recently the animation series broke a record of million views in China. XrisP is also working on various other animation genres like adventure in the book of the Go Go in collaboration with India and Panda King in travelling to the outer space in collaboration with China.

The company is also involved in multiple-areas besides animation content production like the world-wide distribution, character licensing business and the theme park business based on the animation in Germany and China.

XrisP Co., Ltd has also created some other interesting products based on its popular animaton character Nori – like the Smart car Nori RC, which can be connected with Wi-fi . The car not only amuses the children, but can also work as a baby-cam monitor for adults because of its internal camera and can be linked to a smartphone. There is a soft toy Nori Doll, which can also become a cute mobile phone-holder, there is NorTizer – a sanitizer cum screen cleaning solution coming in packaging of Nori cartoon characters. The company also has introduced a mobile game named Nori Run, available on Android and iOS platforms.

The company has been founded by Xris Sohn, who has 11 years of experience as a filmmaker and scriptwriter.

“I created this company to entertain families in the world and enjoy their daily lives.”

 Xris Sohn, CEO

The company has a global mix of creative people working together to make mind-blowing properties. The production of various animation content and creative products has German, Indian, Chinese, American creative minds working behind it. XrisP Co., Ltd   has been growing steadily over the years and in 2017 the sales had crossed $2.8 million. The company aims to become a global leader in animation content with their creative IPs.

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February 14,2020

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