KoreaTechDesk’s first Startups’ Digital Showcase in collaboration with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation

Seoul, S. Korea

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KoreaTechDesk is hosting its first Demo Day Livestream partnering with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation on 7th Nov! Register to get exclusive access to companies live on KoreaTechDesk! Watch founders and entrepreneurs pitch their businesses and ask them your questions. #StartUp #Showcase #Entrepreneur

Leading media company representing the startup ecosystem of South Korea – KoreaTechDesk is all set to host the first digital showcase partnering with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation.

KoreaTechDesk’s Digital Showcase is an online showcase event powered by beSUCCESS Media Group, aimed to connect Korean startup ecosystems from all over the world. It is a space provided for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas online to corporates, investors, accelerators and media in order to get potential investment, partnership or exposure.

The digital showcase will be streamed live for benefits of investors, venture capitalists, potential partners and business supporters, who can simply be part of the process from the comforts of their offices. The digital showcase will see startups pitching their products and services to an online audience. The event will be live on 7th November 2019, Thursday from 11 am to 12 pm (KST).

On the “KoreaTechDesk’s Digital Showcase” event, you can watch startups that are building impactful companies pitch to a panel of top investors and take questions from hundreds of investors watching live.

This event will be hosted by James Jung (CEO of beSUCCESS Media Group/investor), and invite 5 leading investors as judges:

  • Ryan Mendoza: Principal at Scrum Ventures (United States)
  • Eika Takebe: Senior Associate at Colopl Next (Japan)
  • Eric Hendrickus: Investment Associate at Central Capital Ventura (Indonesia)
  • Alvin Leow: RHL Ventures (Malaysia)
  • Sam Lee: 500startups (South Korea)

The startups that will be doing the pitching for 10 min each (5 min presentation + 5 min Q&A) on November 7th, 2019 are as follows.

1. PLCOSKIN – Plcoskin, a medical-based biotech company, is focussing on research and development for regenerative skincare, fillers, breast prosthesis for the next The startup was formed on the basis of 150-year-old laboratory at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and Yonsei University College of Medicine. Launched in 2017, the company already has a cosmetics brand, YOULIEF, that currently produces and sells seven skincare products through 25 channels online and offline.

2. Fin2BFin2B (Finance To Business) is a FinTech company that has been providing financial solutions centered on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) area specifically to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Fin2B has created an account receivable trading platform where SMEs are able to receive efficient short-term financing from institutional investors to based on receivables issued by large enterprises. The startup was launched in 2015 with the aim of Fin2B to help expand access to finance for SMEs.

3. Wave Company Ltd. – This Korean startup has developed the world’s first genuine kinesiology taping wear – Wave Wear.  Wave Wear combines the advantages of compression wear and kinesiology taping into one unified product. The startup that was founded in 2010, wants to enter the top 10 global sports medical clothing market by 2020.

4. AFI Inc – The startup aims to enrich the world of gaming with the server service for developers. AFI Inc. has developed a unique server specially for game developers named ‘Backend’, where the game developers can simply attach the SDK at the end of the game to create a game server. It dramatically reduces the cost of hiring tens of millions of dollars for server developers and months of server development time.

5. Haii – The startup Haii is into developing core technologies required for AI-based companion services. It is soon to launch a unique matchmaking service – Chemi, an AI service that analyzes voice recordings to determine a match suiting user’s ideal type, lifestyle, and interests. Chemi also evaluates similarities in taste to match similar users in a safe and clean platform. Haii’s AI service mainly focusses on mental fitness and companionship.

About Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation

Yonsei Enterprise Support (YES) Foundation supports foundation building for startups, aids in technician cultivation and supports student ventures. Under the aegis of Yonsei University, since 2002 the YES Foundation supporting startups, student ventures through funding guidance, entrepreneurship training and logistic support.  The Foundation wants to become the best incubator for startups in Asia.

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