KoreaTechDesk successfully hosts first Startups’ Digital Showcase in collaboration with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation

KoreaTechDesk’s first Startups’ Digital Showcase in collaboration with Yonsei Enterprise Support (YES) Foundation was a successful event. Held on November 7th, 2019, the event saw five Korean startups pitch their services and products to three judges. The whole event was streamed live with startup representatives and potential investors and partners participating.

The event was hosted by CEO of beSUCCESS Media Group & investor James Jung. The event went live from 11 am to 12 pm (KST) on zoom live conferencing. James welcomed all the participants and also thanked SoYoung Park, the Head of Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation, that sponsored and organized the program along with beSUCCESS.

The startups that participated in the event were Plcoskin, Haii, Fin2B, Wave Company and AFI. The judges at the event were leading investors from US, Indonesia and Malaysia – Ryan Mendoza, Principal at Scrum Ventures (United States), Eric Hendrickus, Investment Associate at Central Capital Ventura (Indonesia) and Alvin Leow, RHL Ventures (Malaysia). Each startup got 5 to 7 minutes of time to present their products and services and then after answered questions from the judges.

Precise Presentations and Q&A session

The voice-based dating service app Chemi’s developer company Haii was the first to present their case. Jinwoo Kim, CEO of Haii talked about the app Chemi, the company Haii and their aspiration to become a leading dating app brand by 2023. “There are many dating apps, but Chemi is focussed on taste, which is identified based on verbal voice comment that people leave 3 times everyday on the app, the AI algorithm then interprets voice and find out what are the taste of these people. And then AI algorithm will recommend 3 people who has the same taste with one who left the comment,” said Jinwoo Kim when asked about what differentiates Chemi from other dating apps.

The second presentation was given by biotech startup Plcoskin, which is developing regenerative skincare, fillers, breast prosthesis that can aid breast cancer survivors. Euiseong Hwang, the section chief of Plcoskin, talked about the benefits of the company’s product and its plans to collaborate with large-scale hospitals where breast reconstruction is offered.

Duke Lee, the CTO of FinTech startup Fin2B, was the next to present the company’s service, which is providing financial solutions centered on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) areas to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Nancy Cho, CEO of Wave, the company producing the revolutionary kinesiology taping wear for athletes talked about the company’s progressive marketing plans to collaborate with professional athletes, influencers and increasing online sales. “We have already roped in professional athletes with KVA – the Korean Volleyball Association. We are also collaborating with professional athletes, soccer players, etc. in Korea. Our marketing plan is make more apparel and sell it more online. With professional athletes can help us show customers that Wave Wear is working,” Cho informed the judges.

The last company to present their case was the gaming backend company developer AFI. Kwon Oh-Hyun, the CEO, talked about thebackend.io, a unique server specially developed for game developers, that helps them save costs. The event ended with a thank you note by James Jung for all the startups and judges.

KoreaTechDesk’s first Startups’ Digital Showcase in collaboration with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation


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