Korean tech startup Dooribun’s AR/VR technology blends virtual and real world reality

The world of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) is fast evolving and technology is blurring the line between the virtual and real world. Korean tech startup Dooribun is a professional AR/VR production company that offers 5G AR technology across media. The company offers various experiences such as the VR cinema, AR YouTuber, AR I-Tuber and AR offline service. 

Fast-growing YouTuber market

According to Virtual YouTuber market research in Japan, the number of virtual YouTubers has shown impressive growth, from 181 to 4475 from January to July, 2018. This growth is remarkable as the average number of debuted virtual YouTubers in a day has increased manifold. Moreover, the number of registered viewers on virtual YouTube channels has increased from 4.28 million to 13.94 million and the total view has increased from 230 million to 780 million. 

I-Tuber’s cutting-edge technology

Until recently, real AR live broadcast was not popular due to the limits of technology. Also, the AR Live broadcast is not ‘live’ in the real sense; it is broadcasted by 3D animation made beforehand. However, I-Tuber’s core technology uses next-gen features such as AR dimensions realization technology, AR depth realization technology and simultaneous broadcasting technology where characters move vividly in real space. 

The I-Tuber, founded by Steve Khan, is a system of virtual character live broadcast in real space and targets individual broadcasting media, main broadcasting media, branded characters in educational companies and kids thematic park. When the creators broadcast with virtual characters, the value and brand identity of the characters is increased. Creators can also introduce character-inspired products such as toys and stationery, thereby increasing chances for revenue. The main revenue-generating model for I-tuber is character product sales and character license. In 2018, the global character market size was $12.7 billion. I-Tuber aims to gain a market share of 0.5% (equivalent to $63.5 million). The startup also plans to launch a new platform with AR live broadcasting. 

The startup also collects individual media, broadcast media and brand character contents which will attract more users and increase the numbers by letting viewers to broadcast AR live.

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