Korean startup’s Mathrevolution.com making GMAT math easy for all

Mathrevolution.com is a leading platform for GMAT math examinees.

There are many foreign students who aspire to study in top US business schools and universities, and for that they must have a good Graduate Management Admission Test’s (GMAT) score. For most non-native aspirants, the questions in English create a hurdle for finishing the test on time, especially for the quantitative section. The section requires one to solve 37 math questions in 75 minutes. Korean startup Global Math Monster offers an exclusive solution for those non-native students to get an above average score in the math section through its online platform mathrevolution.com.

Most popular online platform for GMAT math test

The platform mathrevolution.com is quite popular among the global community of GMAT takers. It is one of the most sought after website to take training for GMAT math test. The members of the GMAT club website, an international platform of GMAT examinees, has given 4.9 points of 5.0 points to Mathrevolution.

Max Lee, who heads the company, has developed an exclusive method for solving GMAT’s math questions. The way the website offers lessons enables most students to achieve perfect scores in the quantitative section. Lee, who is known as a math guru to his students, started the website in 2015 in partnership with CEO Lim Jong-hoon. Lim has been looking after the marketing side of the startup and has work experience of over 21 years with different companies like AIG Korea, Cigna and Procter & Gamble Korea. 

Korean ‘Math Guru’ spearheading the learners to success

Max Lee has over 17 years of experience in teaching GMAT math to over 30,000 students. He has taken the test 27 times and has resolved over 100,000 questions. The method developed by Lee has a unique way of solving questions using the approaches: Variable approach of DS (Data Sufficiency) and IVY approach of PS (Problem Solving). With Mathrevolution’s unique approaches, examinees can solve any questions that normally take 4 minutes in 1 minute and 30 seconds, and a 2-minute question in 30 seconds. The online institute helps students reach higher scores and they can solve all 37 questions 10 minutes prior to the exam’s end. To the credit of the Mathrevolution, most students have reported an average score of 49 points. The startup offers a variety of online courses ranging from some free lectures to courses priced between $79 to $439. Students can choose the course most suited to their needs.

Aiming for Global Success with expansion to US, India & China

Global Math Monster aims to achieve global success with math. The startup is most popular for GMAT examinees in Korea and has visitors from over 170 countries. The website has recorded users who have paid for online courses from over 70 countries. The startup has also dabbled in video lessons where Lee is filmed lecturing. The video clips were dubbed in English to attract global test takers. The Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development has supported Global Math Monster’s endeavours.

The startup wants to expand its business including more US-made tests, such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT). The startup also wants to hold special seminars and lectures in India, with the third-most GMAT test takers. The company is also looking to launch a Chinese website, with the second-most GMAT test takers.

Global Math Monster team is attending the ‘Guro Innovation Summit’ 2019 to present its service for exploring investment and funding opportunities. The Summit is to be organized by the Guro district office and Seoul Venture Incubator (SVI) in partnership with beSUCCESS on July 18th, 2019 at the G-Valley Convention.


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February 14,2020

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