Korean startup’s eBook platform Bookjam creating a niche in the publishing industry

Korean startup’s eBook cloud platform company – Bookjam is proving to be a great tool for publishers and authors to develop apps for their publications and it is a fantastic resource for ardent readers, who can keep books for a lifetime.

Cloud-based platform for everlasting books

Bookjam is a cloud-based platform that helps transform all digital content to high-quality eBooks and also distributes them through diverse channels.   It provides companies to directly connect with their clients through apps.

Bookjam was started in 2011 when the founder Hanyeol Cho offered a revenue-sharing model to publishers who couldn’t afford to make eBooks. Bookjam eXtensible Publication or BXP was formed to produce interactive multimedia eBooks, which can be read on any digital enabled device. Initially, the company created small apps for books like ‘The Three Kingdoms’ and ‘World Literature’ apps.

When there were positive reviews and almost over 150 plus apps with BXP, the startup created the Bookjam Cloud platform. By 2014, BXP integrated the apps on the cloud platform and got some decent clientele. Korea’s biggest published Munhakdongne and online eBook Market Yes 24, adapted BXP-eBooks. Corporate training company Credu too used BXP’s interactive features for corporate training.

Creating multi-media & interactive eBooks

Bookjam’s format is more unique than other eBooks publishers as the technology allows publishers to add video, animated images, audio, maps, footnotes and more. BXP also has a feature for auto compression of images to adjust to the resolution of different devices. Bookjam Cloud also has partnerships with over 50 Korean publishers making the startup developer have access to most of the book apps in Korea.

Bookjam had received $17 million in 2013 from Altos Ventures and Bon Angles. The company used the money to expand its services in the Korean market and also entered the Japanese eBook market.  The startup had received innovation award by the Korea Electronic Publishing Association in 2013.

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