Korean startup’s app Shoepik helps online shoppers buy the ‘correct shoe’

Korean startup Defind has provided online shoppers a very useful app for their shoe shopping called Shoepik. The app allows users to measure their foot after taking photos of their feet to enable them to buy perfectly fitted shoes. This app is not only helping buyers avoid exchanges and returns, but it is also expected to increase sales for online sellers.

Measure foot size & compare with shoe database

Amongst all the online shopping experiences, usually the toughest choice is the one to buy shoes in the right size. Most brands have different size ratios and if the consumer cannot get the right size, they must either exchange or return the shoes. Shoepik helps avoid disappointments for consumers by capturing a foot picture that shows the exact length, the width of the user’s foot. The app then helps the user compare the shoe-inside data with the shoe database available with the app. It then gives recommendations on products depending on it and also the user’s preferences registered over a period.

The app is also expected to help create more consumer base for shoe companies. According to statistics, shoes are given less preference among online shoppers compared to clothes and other accessories. The main reason is the inaccuracy in getting the correct shoe size and preference for offline stores.

Shoepik has partnerships with Korean sneaker brand Motherland, Kolca and Pelas 1932. The company wants to focus on more online channels and expand its alliance with other footwear brands.

A successful spin-off of Samsung’s C-Lab

The startup Defind that developed Shoepik has been founded by a former employee of Samsung Electronics Kim Ju-Hyung. The venture is a spin-off through the C-Lab system of Samsung Electronics. Kim had the idea of starting the company when he saw his wife exchanging shoes for his daughter after online buys. Kim has worked as a product designer with Samsung Electronics for over 10 years and got the opportunity to float the startup through Samsung’s Creative-Lab system. Samsung’s C-Lab program supports startups created by its employees and gives them initial investment and mentoring. Defind was launched in 2017 with the investment from Samsung Venture Investment Association. The startup wants to develop the app further and get a body size measurement addition.  

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February 14,2020

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