Korean Startup’s App ‘Send Anywhere’ makes sharing simple

Sharing files made simpler with 'Send Anywhere'. Photo: Estmob Press Kit.

In this era of smartphones, inevitably a lot of content will be created by any individual user – videos, photos, music etc. Now content creation is easy, but what about sharing it with others? Korean startup Estmob has developed an app Send Anywhere, which can help users share files of any size and shape with any devices or platforms, with no degradation in the quality.

Share videos, photos, files with any device without quality degeneration

Send Anywhere can send files to any platform – iOS, Android, Web, MacOs, Windows. It has free features and with a reasonable fee of $5.99/month, the user can get an ad-free Pro version. For its Pro Version the App. offers 1 TB of storage space, where files till 50GB size can be transferred to any of the devices the user wants to. Its free version lets the user send files as large as 10 GB, which is also large.

The user can send the files using any five methods available on the app. They can use a randomly-generated 6-digit code and share with the recipient before it expires. The user can also send a sound wave at a unique frequency to the recipient. The code and the sound wave expire in 10 minutes.  

The user can also send ‘Share Link’ where files are uploaded temporarily on a link, which is available for 48 hours. This is an easy method to send files to multiple users. For a recipient device, which has been paired with the user’s device, files can be directly transferred with no notification. If the internet connection is not strong enough, then files can be shared using Wi-Fi direct. However, this method is only available for Android devices and the devices must be near each other.

“Our never-ending goal is to make file transfer Easier, Faster, and Safer.”   – Estmob

From 2-person startup to a Global company

Send Anywhere is a globally popular app, with users from over 237 countries around the world. As per a figure from April 2018, over 3.7 million devices have used Send Anywhere. The app has been mentioned as the best file-sharing app for Androids by online gadget magazine gadgethacks.com, when compared with other similar apps like AirTransfer, WeTransfer, and PushBullet. The Seoul-based startup started in 2013 as a two-person team and is now a thriving company with over 20 people.

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