Korean startup White.Cotton: A growing platform to buy-sell exquisite lifestyle products

White.Cotton sells one-of-a-kind lifestyle products.

In the world of online shopping, Korean startup White.Cotton is providing a fresh platform for artists and designers to sell a range of artistic products and giving consumers a choice from a range of exquisite lifestyle products.  The online shop has many artists and designers collaborate to produce exclusive items for consumers with a taste.

Exclusive interior props for a good price

White.Cotton was started in 2016 by a very enterprising team led by CEO Ciren Jang. The woman entrepreneur is also the brains behind StyleWiki, the Wikipedia for fashion enthusiasts. Ciren is a fashion tech combinator herself who worked at LG CNS as a system engineer and at COACH as a merchandiser. Her venture White.Cotton is gaining popularity both amongst the designer community and the connoisseurs of artwork.

The website is known for its range of interior props like vases, candles, mood lights, wall art, hanging items, etc. White.Cotton is a preferred site for those looking for exclusive gifts for their loved ones especially appealing to women. Every item on this site is handmade and has a special story behind its design and production.

Since the artistic products of White.Cotton are ‘one of a kind’, the price is quite steep on most items, but the site has a concept of limited-edition products offered at an affordable price tag. The company is proving to be a boon for those artists and designers who want to sell their creative items at a good price to authentic buyers. The startup is looking to build a platform which offers ‘accessible art’ to everyone and benefits the artist community as well.

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